Friday, February 18, 2011

What I Got

Just after I posted my V-Day post
I went to turn on the front porch lights
I glanced out the window
(like I do everytime)
And noticed a box

It was from my pops!
He didn't forget me
My dad has given me a valentine every year
for as long as I can remember
Sunday night when we were skyping for his birthday
I asked him where my chocolates were
My mom said they ate them
I was just giving him a hard time
Eventually it has to end right?
I mean I am 30 20-something
and he is 60-something
But it was here!!!

You know what I  love about it
besides chocolate
He picks out the card himself 
he signs it himself
Think about that
most every card or present you get from your parents
or that, we as parents now, buy for our kiddos
who does it?
but not on V-day!
And he sends peeps!
they're not just for Easter anymore

And my hubs gave me flowers

It has made for an all around special week

I have a Dyson
bought it over 6 years ago
It recently had an accident
It was knocked over 1 too many times 
and a very important piece of plastic popped off
Now it is duct taped together
It never lost suction
just like Mr. Dyson proclaims
However, you have to hold it down low
Which makes for a painful vacuuming process
And if you want to use any attachments
or stretch the hose out
you have to un-duct tape it

This house has central vac
So I have been using it
It works ok
but what a pain in the ass to haul the hose everywhere
I want a new Dyson
But it is not in the budget right now
I recently got sucked into an infomercial about the Shark vacuum
It was comparing itself to the Dyson
never loosing suction and all
but at far less $$$
Mark was out of town
treat to myself for having to be home alone all weekend

Big Mamma gives it 2 thumbs up
If anyone is in the market for a new vacuum
This one truly is just as good as the Dyson
and under $200

Let me now take a moment to share a vacuum story
It took me all afternoon yesterday to vacuum
only 1 floor of my house
I started while Connor was at school and the little boys were napping
Then I remember we were completely out of milk
but I had invited Connor's buddy over to play after school
which meant I could not stop at the store
So I had to stop vacuuming to wake up the boys 
so we could run into the store before I picked up Con and his friend
After we returned home
I started back at my task
vacuum, vacuum, vacuum
whoops Christian is half way up the stairs
get him
vacuum, vacuum, vacuum
whoops Christian has dumped the pantry
clean it up
vacuum, vacuum, vacuum
whoops Christian had a pack of crackers in his hand and dumped it
where I just finished vacuuming
revacuum, revacuum, revacuum
damn Christian is up the stairs again
hold Christian
vacuum, vacuum, vacuum
Colton had a snack
go to the bathroom and cry
revacuum, revacuum, revacuum
give up

Mark thinks I am a lousy house keeper
And I'll admit
I'm not great at it
Hell, I'm not even good at it
But it's not for a lack of trying
And after breakfast this morning,
it needs to be done again
(get off the computer and vacuum right?)

Enough of that...
Here's what Connor got
A letter
in the mail
from my nephew
Cutest thing I have ever seen
He had to write it for  school

And here is what Colton's got

some worn the heck out Thomas boots
but lucky for him he will be getting Connor's batman boots
And the oldest gets the new


Dee Stephens said...

Snowboarding? When is your girls trip?!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

I am not sure why we vaccum because literally 5 minutes later it is messy again! I have a Dyson - same yellow one. Loved it at first but now not that thrilled with it. I think it is just me! Love that Pops always remembers you - so sweet!!

Momma to the A's said...

Ahhh so sweet your dad remembers you every Valentine's Day! My parents still send me a gift every year too.

I have a Dyson too ... the purple one. Love it! I don't know what I would do without it. We have a whole house vacuum here too, but I really don't like it as much as my Dyson! I would rather drag the vacuum three flights of stairs than those dang hoses. But ... let's be real here ... I have a lady who comes every other week to clean :). Hmmm ... think I do much vacuuming??

The cursive letter is so cute! I love that they are still making the kids learn cursive!

starnes family said...

Jack wore through 2 pairs of those Thomas boots!

Great tip on the vaccum. But, we have hardwoods. I miss carpet.