Thursday, February 10, 2011

What I've Learned

  • My new washer and dryer hold a LOT of clothes. It's great. I can do laundry twice a week or just one load a day if I want. But doing massive loads means you have to put UP massive loads-ggrrr!
  • Melted snow=NASTY! I love the snow. It is gorgeous. I really don't even mind staying home so much. It is certainly better for everyone's napping schedule when we just stay home. 
  • We have a lot of birds, specifically red birds. They are easy to spot in the bare trees, especially with a blanket of white on the ground. I bought a bird feeder.
  • Colton's "blankies" have bad static electricity. You can really tell at night when they actually spark. Kind of freaks me out.
  • Connor can read! But mostly he is just memorizing the story. I find it a bit irritating.
  • Blowing my nose so much lately is making me really dizzy. 
  • I'm tired of being fat! I may have hit rock bottom today.
  • When you live in an old(er) home at winter time....brrr rabbit! The boys windows had ice on the inside. You can feel major cold breezes by all the doors. I have the rolled up towel "snake" at the doors. 

Here is what I have NOT learned lately

  • How to get the birds to find my bird feeder. I hung it on the deck from a planter hook for now. I don't want to keep it there because I don't want the birds pooping on my deck, but I will need to purchase a hanger of some sort or find a good tree limb when the snow is gone.
  • How to get Connor to read more and memorize less! Is this part of the normal stages of learning to read?
  • How to get those clothes to fold themselves!

What have you learned (or not learned) lately?


starnes family said...

You can buy a garden hook for your bird feeder at Home Depot or the like.

Totally normal......and give yourself credit for his love of books! You're ahead of many moms.

Hire Lainey to hang your laundry. She's very enthusiastic about it!

Dee Stephens said...

Brrr rabbit! I say that too! I've learned that doing something you hate actually makes you feel better aftewars even though it's not getting easier. I'm talking about running! UGH

The Luis Family said...

We call the melting snow stuff "SNIRT." It is so gross on the car! I can't wait until I have a clean looking car most of the year vs. and barely can see out of the windows dirty car most of the year!

It is extremely dry here. If you don't watch the humidity controls in the house, certain types of clothing material will make the same sparks when rolling on the carpet!

We live in a new home ... we still get ice on the inside of windows here! It's that damn cold here!! Cold drafts are no fun AT ALL! I remember as a child growing up in Ohio my parents had those snake things at the bottom of all our doors.

Connor is going through a completely normal stage. A1 is doing the same thing. We have been using flash cards to learn a new word every few days. Then at night she tries to recognize the words she has learned in the books. I started with 2 letter words and we are building off that to 3 letter words to try and teach her to sound out the letters to make words. I am hoping this will help her transition. We'll see!

When you figure out how to get those darn clothes to fold themselves, please for the love of it all let me know!