Monday, February 14, 2011

I heart you

And this day
not because I'm a sucker for all this love mush
but because I'm a whore
a chocolate whore
It's no secret
I have already raided the boys candy

The boys have made lots of hearts over the last several
snow days

we even copied a valentine idea from last year
and made crayon hearts
Super cute idea
But sometimes being crafty is just way more work than fun
I was up last night finishing everyones valentine's 
I felt like I was in high school again
Last minute doing homework

This morning I gave the boys chocolate
Holy Batman
Thank heavens Colton had school today
literally turning circles
I "worked" the party at Connor's school today
I love that
PTA here I come

Forced the boys to sit for a V-day pic
always with next year's calendar in mind

I was going to have them shirts made
but dropped the ball on that one
So my hand made signs had to do
It says
I heart mommy
if you can't tell

Hubs brought me home roses
I go him a card
I'll call it even
I am going to cook him dinner tonight
if he will do bath and bedtime

I love you Mark
I love you Connor, Colton, and Christian
I love you all my sweet family and friends
And I love my bloggies
who have become quite the sounding board for me
giving me advice when needed
and telling me when to stick it when I need that too
I bought chocolate for all of you
But I ate it
get over it

Shout out 
Happy Birthday to my pops

and happy adoption to my puppies
Precious-on the right
8 years ago
Frisco-on the left
7 years ago

Happy Valentine's Day
I hope cupid fills you up with love today


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

This post is a little mushy for you Cous! Glad you had a nice day! I forgot it was your Dad's birthday yesterday! Let's try and talk sometime soon! I think we need to set up a weekly time to talk!

Dee Stephens said...

I'm not real into chocolate believe it or not. Give me a block of cheese any day! Also, Christian looks drunk in that picture of all three of them! Maybe he was drunk on chocolate!LOL

starnes family said...

So happy you adopt!

Sassafrass Jane said...

Oh shut up Case. Some people like purebreds, you hippy.
"I'm a whore. A chocolate whore."
I did homemade valentines from the girls to our pain in the ass. I just started making them while they were at school and forging their names. :)