Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Writer's Block

Or just not in the mood?
I have no excuse really for my absence
Not much is going on
Does anyone really want to read about 
weekly swimming lessons
or my trip to the grocery
highly doubtful!!

I have been spending my time entertaining the boys
 I can now officially call my littlest a walker
He is walking more than crawling 
MY GOD! It's about to get real crazy around here
With a 3rd walker 
and these two:

You would think just chasing after them I could drop 30 pounds
but NO!
It's not working
(that's a whole other issue that's about to beat me down)

Connor had open house at his school last week
It was also dinosaur week
He made this clay stegosaurus

 And this guy
 complete with q-tip skeleton
I love this one

We were getting ready for dinner the other night
and he wanted to sit at the table
instead of the counter
Fine by me
He set it himself 
with no instructions
did you notice the knife, spoon, and fork!
Pretty smart kid I tell ya
When I asked him where he learned that
(cause it sure as hell wasn't from me)
he said OSO
(show on the Disney channel)
Who said TV was bad?

Speaking of Disney
the vacation is being planned
will post on that later

We are up to our window sills in snow here today
It is too cold to outside and play
and windy
blizzard it was called
Kind of secretly glad
Playing in the snow is just miserable to me
 if it is for more than 5 minutes

I have been Debbie Downer again lately
Feeling very lonely out in OKC

That's all I got 


If the shoe FITZ said...

Jann! Cheer up! Hopfully sunshine is around the corner!
I totally know about Special Agent OSO! Liam started watching more cartoons lately. It's a pretty cute show!

Making It Work Mom said...

I think a lot of us have the winter blues! Cheer up. Of course I want to read about swimming lessons and grocery store trips! That dinosaur is too cute!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Call me if you want to commiserate - especially the weight thing!! UGH - never ending battle! Just keep thinking about how we can sit up and drink wine after our kids fall asleep - only 2 months to go!!

Dee Stephens said...

Yes, cheer up! Sunshine is around the corner. Disney!!! Cute that he set his own place at the table :)

starnes family said...

We are big Oso fans. It's on right now. :)

Love the dinosaurs. Really cute artwork.

Everyone seems to have a writer's block these days.

Can't wait to see you! The next time you're down, call me and we'll chat about your trip!