Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jealous Much

Finally something to post about
My 2010 4th quarter bonus has arrived
After 12 days of waiting
I sure hope it's worth it

This took a lot of sweet talk to the Lenzer CFO
But after a few days of being a total bitch
He finally gave it

This is the maytag big mamma size washer with an allergy setting
I am hoping it helps Colton's skin some
And the .....
(wait for it)
steam dryer
Maybe we can save some $$ on dry cleaning
Mark takes most ok all of his work clothes to the cleaners
because I completely suck at doing laundry
Which I find odd because my granny, my mom, and my sister
all kick butt at it
I totally missed that gene
I know it won't make laundry fun
but if I can do it less often than maybe I will always feel so behind

I might be over it in a few days 
but for now
I am ready to wash

Getting them here though
Mark bought them 2 Sunday's ago
They were set to be delivered on Tuesday
We dirtied up everything we could on Monday 
just full of excitement to wash
Then the call came
The dryer was out of stock
New delivery date set for the next Sunday
I kept piling up the laundry
Sunday came
After several hours
We get the next phone call
Dryer did not come in
I finally had to start some wash
The kids were going commando
(don't freak out, they're boys-they think it's fun)
Finally today word comes 
The w/d are on the truck
But then I couldn't find the special cord we had to buy
I knew Mark got it because I saw it on the receipt
When I talked to him before he began all day meetings
He swore it was in the laundry room
I tore this house up looking
Every closet
Every cabinet
Under beds
you name it, I looked there
No cords
So I woke up the little one and drove to Lowes
30 minutes before delivery 
to buy another stupid cord
Come to find out, the delivery guys bring it 
Are you kidding me
But I did get an extra 10% for having to wait so long for delivery
Ok, that made me feel better
And the boys went to bed early!

And I have now completed 1 load
washed, dried, and put away
I think it's gonna be good

Friday, January 21, 2011

What We've Been Up To

 Last weekend we got outside to enjoy the warmer temperatures and sun
We went to the fishing pond to feed the ducks
Don't think you can tell from this photo
but half the pond was frozen
The ducks were walking on ice
The boys get a kick out of this
And I get rid of the stale bread

The big boys are enjoying Colton's new trike
It's not really made for 2
but these guys don't always follow the rules

Christian is really into the pantry lately
And I am unable to put a lock on the door
The bigger problem is
this boy is quick
He got into the lemonade mix
pink lemonade

The picture is sideways
but notice the trail of powder

And the results
He was colored for days

While in Dallas after Christmas
we enjoyed some ice cream with friends

And lunch with Linda
Colton's God-Mother

And visiting with family
Uncle Bruce and Aunt Sara

And Aunt Barbie and Uncle Jerry

And Nanna and Pappa Lou

I am spending my Friday night catching up on some DVRed shows. ATT is coming by tomorrow to replace my receiver so I am going to loose my recorded shows. We tried again for Friday Family Fun night with a pizza and some Wii games. It worked out this time. We completely failed at it last week, but tonight....pretty impressive. Every one held it together nicely.

Mark is working most of the weekend. There is a home show in OKC and his company has a booth there so he will be there several hours a day. Tomorrow we will hang out and wait for the cable guy and maybe finish up, okay start, some valentines crafts. Sunday, after church, my new washer and dryer are suppose to arrive. They were suppose to be here last Tuesday. But come to find out, the dryer was out of stock. I haven't done laundry all week so that I can see how much these new puppies really hold! I am completely out of clothes so Sunday better get here quick. I have never been so excited to wash.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Want Legos

Did you say the title out loud
or did you just read it?
Well say it
out loud
go on
I Want Legos

Now say it again

Now again
even louder with more force

And just for kicks
and to make a point
Do it once more
only this time
scream it, draw it out, and add in some crying 

That was Connor in Target yesterday
nice, huh?
That was the beginning of the major meltdown
Did you know you can find not one
but two 
time out spots in Target
needless to say
He did not get Legos
He also lost his DS for the night
and he came home, ate, bathed, and went straight to bed

I did realize I am a much better public mom
Had this happened at home
I just might have lost it
CPS might have been called in
But in public
I handled myself very well
Quite proud of this mamma
Cause it was a scene
no joke

good times my friends
but this is what happens when the middlest wakes up at 5am
and gets up the oldest with him
It makes for some tired boys 

And since I am making my boys out to be bad kids
might as well share this story.....

This guy

 plus this guy
fighting with toy swords
that end up like this

 Result in this
 and this
not sure how this little one got involved but he had tears too


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Future Scientist

Well not really
But a mom can dream right
We have been wanting to test out the Science Museum for months now
It is right next door to the zoo
which we frequent
So we talk about it all the time
Finally I decided to venture out
We used some Christmas money to purchase an annual membership
And we will get every penny's worth out of it

With it's play fire station 
and real fire pole to slide down
or crazy mom's to dance on

And the nation's largest indoor spiral slide

And even plenty for Christian to do

And planes and trains
And tumbling
And so much more we did not even get to yet

(don't they just look like trouble?)

Super EXCITED about this place

But let me tell you what pissed me off.....
I try to teach my boys respect
Of their things
but more importantly of others
For example, while here at the museum
They played with blocks
When we were done, we put the blocks back in the bucket
Now this place has seen better days
But I imagine it is pretty hard to keep up with it with all the kids that come through there
But come on folks
My boys were playing on the slide
This gi-normas slide
Christian and I were in that section crawling around
It is kind of set up like a big tree house
Then this group of boys comes running in
Probably about 9 years old
probably some all boys school on a field trip or something
they come 
and are all running UP the slide
I snapped
And told the teacher/supervisor
I have little ones trying to slide down

Every section we went to 
Here came these unruly boys
Now in a couple of years
I might be singing a different tune
But for now, it irritated the living poo out of me
I try to show my boys one way to behave
and here come these older ones acting like monkeys
Luckily they did not stay very long

Monday, January 17, 2011


So not really considering there is 
Kroger here in these parts
I have finally settled into
for my weekly grocery trip
And please say it right
with an "S"
not just WALMART
that's how granny says it
do the old people of your family add the "S"?

Any who...
I am posting about this because it is one of my stupid
to have a better grocery budget
So 2 full weeks into the new year and I am doing better
but I swear I am going to shave another $25 off 
some how
some way

I make a list and stick to it
I have been trying to plan at least 2 dinners
Those will last at least 2 nights each
more if Mark is out of town

This week the only thing I bought off the list was
Don't know if you can tell from the photo
They are football oreo's
I thought the boys would get a kick out of them

I usually have about $10 worth of coupons
Not much
but hey 10 bucks is 10 bucks right

I think the key is going to be better meal planning
going back to the basics
like grilled chicken and vegies
and of course
plain and simple
eating less!!!
This week's trip ran me $170
Last week I spent about $200
Let's just see if the food lasts me all week long
And with a vacation date set
I totally plan on eating less!

This is what I saw in the checkout lane
The guy behind me bought:
Yes, I believe that's 8
Red Baron pizza's
And in his cart still
(if you can tell)

weight watchers yogurt and snacks

Go Figure

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Not in the Mood

To blog that is
Can you tell?
I've been sort of absent
Trying to read but no interest in writing
After taking a little break over Christmas 
It's hard to get back into the swing of it
Then with our lovely school schedule
Finding time during the day is difficult
And I am back to being drained by the time the boys are down at 7pm
My brain is mush
Thinking is a big task
Uploading pictures and typing a post....

So....where to start?

How about with Christian
My baby boy has been sick for almost a month now
I have waisted over $100 on medicine and doctor visits
There seems to be nothing the doctors can do
But the snot keeps coming 
and coming
and coming
I don't know why it bothers me so bad
I am not a doctor or medicine kind of person
I have to be 1 foot in the grave before I will see a doctor
But I really thought my boy was sick and needed some help
Yet I got none
Doctors suck!
On a lighter note
Christian got tooth #6
It just barely broke the gum
So now maybe that will help the snots
And he is trying to walk
2 or 3 steps here or there
I have not been rushing him
I am trying to keep him baby as long as I can
Plus once they're walking
holy moly
With him being sick, all he wants to do is nurse
Kind of makes the weening hard
How do you tell a sick baby no?

On to Colton.....
For any readers who have not had the pleasure
of meeting my middlest in person-
He is so freaking cute!
However, he is putting me in potty training
Today he did go all day with out an accident
So tomorrow he will probably have 4 and poop twice
That's how it goes
He just doesn't seem to care

And Connor...
4 (and a half)
with an attitude of a 14 year old
He is reading
or has the stories memorized
not sure which
but either way I am super proud
He won't eat anything unless it comes with a happy meal toy
And is yelling a lot
Oh gosh, wonder where he learned that?

Can't forget Mark...
He painted the wet bar today
And I must say, I'm pretty impressed
It looks great!
He also wins HOTY award
He bought me a new washer and dryer today
I had to be a total bitch all weekend to get it
Now I have to eat, sleep, and dream laundry

Finally me...
I'm tired
Chris has been waking up at night, several times
Today I couldn't fall back to sleep
Hopefully I will sleep well tonight
I redboxed SATC2 last night
I had a solo girls night
It was good
Tomorrow is a new week and I am looking forward to it
Gonna work on all my "deeds"
you know-
working out, eating good, cleaning, laundry
all the fun stuff
No school tomorrow though
I actually prefer no school days
how sad is that
Still seriously considering taking Colton out of his Monday school

Here's to a better mood

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lost and Behind

I feel so lost and behind here at Casa de Lenz! That's probably because I am. Isn't it funny how we think we are going to make all these fresh starts and new great changes in the new year. Hello, January 10th folks. Not even 2 weeks and I'm behind on being on top of things. OH well.

I am enjoying the snow right now.

I had to stop typing and rest and now, an hour later, the snow is done. I was a little disappointed with the weather. We were having 2 fronts. The first yesterday and then another over night through this morning. The one yesterday went just south of us and the one today mostly went north. However, I got the best of both worlds. I got to watch the beautiful snow fall and it left a light dusting, but hopefully won't have to deal with bad roads or dumbass drivers. Secretly, I was wanting to be stuck in the house for a few days. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate my schedule? I will take any excuse not to get out.

Christian is sick again, or still sick...not sure which it is? I called to get him to the doctor today and of course he was booked up. Still waiting on that phone call back! And to make it even better, I feel like crap! The left side of my throat has a freaking golf ball in it. I can't swallow and my head is pounding. What I would love to do is climb into my unmade bed and pull the covers all the way up and close my sweet little eyes.

The boys have been entertaining themselves with some arts and crafts the last couple of days. Bad thing to let little boys do alone. Today, while trying to pick it up I noticed a sticker of a tree, not just any tree-3/4 of an 8x10 sheet of paper tree, stuck to the kitchen table.  I got upset with Connor and thought I would try to explain money and how much things cost. I asked him where he thought money came from. Well he knew-from daddy! I gave up! It adds character right?

Hope those with the snow are enjoying it! We are freezing here, highs in the 20's! I am going to make my bed, do a load of laundry, and find some Tylenol to take.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boy Talk

We take a bath in the same way each and every time. Connor up front (by the faucet) then Colton and Chris bringing up the rear.  A few nights ago, it was just Christian. The big boys stayed down stairs with daddy. So Christian got the front end of the tub. The water was running and he was just giggling. Try and picture hear it...the sweetest little laugh you ever heard. He was reaching for the running water and the laughs just kept coming. After I turned off the faucet, he kept giggling. Finally I realized he was laughing at himself. He was seeing his reflection in in that round silver thing under the faucet (whatever it's use is?).

He now has 2 words:
   Die-da (diaper)
  Dau-de  (doggy)

Now on to Colton:
Prior to his first swimming lesson this morning
In his deepest voice possible "I gonna go simming. I go jump off dibing board all by MYSELF. I go under water. "
I soon realized at lessons that he was all talk. He warmed up quickly though. Sweet boy!

And finally, my man of many words:
Me: Connor, can you pick up those cars
Connor: Colton, pick up those cars

Me: Connor can you put those shoes away (fill in the blank with any task)
Connor: Colton, put those shoes up!
 You get the idea. Hey, at least he's got some leadership skills right?

Connor: Mommy, look I zipped up my jacket all by myself
Me: great job buddy! You are getting really good at that zipping thing
Connor: How about every time I zip something, you give me an M&M?
Me: um, NO...that's not how life works
Connor: AW, MAN!

At the store, any store, every store
Connor: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Me: I doubt it, what are you thinking?
Connor: Well, I'm thinking you should just buy me _________ (whatever it is he sees)

Connor and I have been working on reading, very simple 3 letter words
He read is first sentence yesterday. "Matt sat, Sam sat."
I was thrilled. He was ecstatic!!!
Me: you should tell Mrs. Jones (his teacher) that you read a sentence
Con: I want to keep that a secret
Me: Why?
Con: Cause I don't want anyone else going to the library to borrow those books

Hope my boys made you smile today

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

See Ya Later 2010

I am ready to wash my hands of last year! Good Riddance! Don't let the door hit ya on your way out! Do not pass GO, do not collect $200! C-ya, wouldn't wanna be ya! Hasta la Vista Baby!!

It was a tough year for me. I look forward to 2011. I was gonna go all Oprah in my blog and talk about my feelings and such (you know, why I hated last year and what will be better this year) but maybe it would be better for everyone if I did not go into too many deep details.

Lets just do the Reader's Digest version here:

There were many, way too many, things I hated about my life in 2010. But I do understand that only you have the power to change what you do not like. Even though some of it depends on others, you can still change your heart and attitude about any given situation. So what better time to start with a new attitude then with a new calendar?

It's not resolutions. I SUCK at resolutions. That's for sure. But just fixing me. The list is long and not so distinguished of what I hate about myself. So I have promised myself to work on said list. I can't expect anyone to be happy with me if I am not happy with myself right? The good news is I already had a "me" moment and got a haircut!

I do really want to find "something" I am good at. I have been reading/checking out other blogs. All these people have a hobby. There are crafters and cooks and bakers. My friend has recently started painting and is even taking a class. I got nothing! I can change a mean diaper. I can even pour up a bowl of cereal with a baby on my boob. But talent? Talentless is more like it. I need to find my something. I really want(ed) to get into photography, but it seems that everyone is doing that. So I am still searching.

I  have promised myself to work on fixing a problem. When there is one, fix it then. No sitting and stewing over it. That only makes it worse. Fix it, let it go,  move on...something. But just doing nothing-that ain't right!

So there you have it, in a non glorious list. My things to work on. How I am going to try and better myself.

If I had to choose a "resolution" though.....

There I have said it!
I have typed it!
I have put it out there for all to read!

But is it possible? Can 1 mom really control the amount of money spent on food for 4 males? My gosh, I might have to cook more. What have I gotten myself into?

Sunday, January 2, 2011


The boys go back to school tomorrow. I can't believe their 2 week break is over. Seemed like we used to be out for almost a month. Swim lessons resume and the endless driving around of little people will pick right back up. Wish we had 1 more week to stay home and relax! AND CLEAN!! It's like a disaster zone here. And I have been trying to clean out the toy closet to rearrange and make room for new. YIKES! Mark will shit his pants when he gets home and sees the basement.

We have traveled and been going non stop for weeks it seems, all though it's only been 2 trips to visit both sides of the family. At my parents' place, it relaxing. Lots of family time and visiting. In Dallas it is a tight schedule to get everyone in. The boys have to see all their friends, we have family to visit, and of course a certain amount of restaurants and stores to stop by. I've gained another 20 pounds it feels like, but it's good.

I have packed up the Christmas decor, with the exception of the tree on the landing. I don't do tall ladders that lean. Mark will have to take that one down when he gets home. And he has to carry the trees to the attic. I don't do attics either....creepy!

Now the month of clean up and organize (and throw out) begins. You wouldn't think I had that much to work on seeing as I have only been here 6 months. Yeah, how the hell does that happen?

When we were in Dallas, I did not take my computer. I knew there would not be time for blogging. But I  wish I could have had just to work on my thoughts. Got my big "New Year" floating around in my head. Hopefully I can work on that sometime this evening.

Mark got me a new TV for our room. Doesn't work. It works downstairs. Just won't work upstairs. Stupid cable!!! Or stupid old house. Not sure which.

I have decided that I am getting my hairs did! This week. I don't care what it costs or if my boys have to eat Ramen noodles for the whole freaking week. I sacrifice for them alot, right?  I think I have found a salon to try. Finding a new hair stylist is like finding a doctor, maybe harder. You see your doctor less.

Better get my butt back to cleaning, hubs will home in an hour. And he is bringing my puppies home from the doggie hotel. I really missed them last night. It was kind of scary being here with out Mark and no dogs. I rely on their ears so that I can sleep.

Happy 2011. Think I will be saying 20  11, not two thousand eleven. Seems easier, so I'm rolling with it!