Monday, January 17, 2011


So not really considering there is 
Kroger here in these parts
I have finally settled into
for my weekly grocery trip
And please say it right
with an "S"
not just WALMART
that's how granny says it
do the old people of your family add the "S"?

Any who...
I am posting about this because it is one of my stupid
to have a better grocery budget
So 2 full weeks into the new year and I am doing better
but I swear I am going to shave another $25 off 
some how
some way

I make a list and stick to it
I have been trying to plan at least 2 dinners
Those will last at least 2 nights each
more if Mark is out of town

This week the only thing I bought off the list was
Don't know if you can tell from the photo
They are football oreo's
I thought the boys would get a kick out of them

I usually have about $10 worth of coupons
Not much
but hey 10 bucks is 10 bucks right

I think the key is going to be better meal planning
going back to the basics
like grilled chicken and vegies
and of course
plain and simple
eating less!!!
This week's trip ran me $170
Last week I spent about $200
Let's just see if the food lasts me all week long
And with a vacation date set
I totally plan on eating less!

This is what I saw in the checkout lane
The guy behind me bought:
Yes, I believe that's 8
Red Baron pizza's
And in his cart still
(if you can tell)

weight watchers yogurt and snacks

Go Figure


Dee Stephens said...

Groceries have become a big topic around here at work. Just wait until those boys get older. You'll really be budgeting! They'll eat you out of house and home.
Brad and I tried out Aldi this weekend and they have some GREAT deals! It's either that, Wal-Marts(Yes, my granny does the same thing), or Trader Joes.

NayNay said...

I have a friend who's grandma lives in a small town in the TX panhandle and calls Walmart "the mall". That's bad.
More pictures of your cute boys please. (and the wet bar)