Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Want Legos

Did you say the title out loud
or did you just read it?
Well say it
out loud
go on
I Want Legos

Now say it again

Now again
even louder with more force

And just for kicks
and to make a point
Do it once more
only this time
scream it, draw it out, and add in some crying 

That was Connor in Target yesterday
nice, huh?
That was the beginning of the major meltdown
Did you know you can find not one
but two 
time out spots in Target
needless to say
He did not get Legos
He also lost his DS for the night
and he came home, ate, bathed, and went straight to bed

I did realize I am a much better public mom
Had this happened at home
I just might have lost it
CPS might have been called in
But in public
I handled myself very well
Quite proud of this mamma
Cause it was a scene
no joke

good times my friends
but this is what happens when the middlest wakes up at 5am
and gets up the oldest with him
It makes for some tired boys 

And since I am making my boys out to be bad kids
might as well share this story.....

This guy

 plus this guy
fighting with toy swords
that end up like this

 Result in this
 and this
not sure how this little one got involved but he had tears too



Sassafrass Jane said...

LOVE this post. Do you drink all day?? I'd have to. I always feel bad for moms with kid meltdowns in public spots...they're always embarrassed but I either find it humorous (one time a little girl was face down in the toy aisle, screaming about a Barbie and her mom just kept shopping. I found it hilarious.) or just feel for them.
Swords, crying, and you're taking pictures? I knew I liked you...

starnes family said...

Boys! So can relate to this, Jann.

God speed!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

I am with casey - I can totally relate to this post!! Don't you just love public meltdowns! UGH!

Dee Stephens said...

HA! I was just thinking the same thing that Sass wrote in her comment. They're having meltdowns and your snapping pictures! How do you keep from laughing?