Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boy Talk

We take a bath in the same way each and every time. Connor up front (by the faucet) then Colton and Chris bringing up the rear.  A few nights ago, it was just Christian. The big boys stayed down stairs with daddy. So Christian got the front end of the tub. The water was running and he was just giggling. Try and picture hear it...the sweetest little laugh you ever heard. He was reaching for the running water and the laughs just kept coming. After I turned off the faucet, he kept giggling. Finally I realized he was laughing at himself. He was seeing his reflection in in that round silver thing under the faucet (whatever it's use is?).

He now has 2 words:
   Die-da (diaper)
  Dau-de  (doggy)

Now on to Colton:
Prior to his first swimming lesson this morning
In his deepest voice possible "I gonna go simming. I go jump off dibing board all by MYSELF. I go under water. "
I soon realized at lessons that he was all talk. He warmed up quickly though. Sweet boy!

And finally, my man of many words:
Me: Connor, can you pick up those cars
Connor: Colton, pick up those cars

Me: Connor can you put those shoes away (fill in the blank with any task)
Connor: Colton, put those shoes up!
 You get the idea. Hey, at least he's got some leadership skills right?

Connor: Mommy, look I zipped up my jacket all by myself
Me: great job buddy! You are getting really good at that zipping thing
Connor: How about every time I zip something, you give me an M&M?
Me: um, NO...that's not how life works
Connor: AW, MAN!

At the store, any store, every store
Connor: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Me: I doubt it, what are you thinking?
Connor: Well, I'm thinking you should just buy me _________ (whatever it is he sees)

Connor and I have been working on reading, very simple 3 letter words
He read is first sentence yesterday. "Matt sat, Sam sat."
I was thrilled. He was ecstatic!!!
Me: you should tell Mrs. Jones (his teacher) that you read a sentence
Con: I want to keep that a secret
Me: Why?
Con: Cause I don't want anyone else going to the library to borrow those books

Hope my boys made you smile today


Momma to the A's said...

Being a former (I guess that is what I call myself since I have been out of the classroom 5 years ... yikes) I am so happy for you that Connor read his first sentence!! I love that he wants to keep those books for himself and stay on top ... thata boy!

How sweet Christian was giggling at his reflection! I can just see it. He is probably so distracted by his big brothers to have ever noticed it before. Addison started kissing her reflection in that thing just before Christmas!

Ashlyn was the same way about swimming!! Girlfriend was all about getting in the water! After 3 lessons ... still won't put her head under! Geez!

BTW, got your wine glass today!! LOVE IT!! Made me feel even worse that you don't have yours yet. It has been ordered though and hopefully on it's way here shortly! Thank you sweet lady!!

The Soladay Family said...

TOtally made me smile. I of course LOVE that you're working with Connor already!

Dee Stephens said...

totally sweet! Are your boys all one year apart?

starnes family said...

I love that Connor is delegating. AWESOME!

Your boys are so sweet, Jann, and you're doing so well with documenting all of their adorable language!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Connor is so related to Chatty with that delegating skill! Too funny - I love it. Yes we are going to see each other this year - tell me when and where and let's start planning - another girls' only trip??

Coco said...

Bram is starting to read and I am as excited as he is when he reads something.

Swim lessons? Those are always interesting with any kid. You never know how it is going to go.

Happy 2011!

NayNay said...

Precious post Jann! Yes, I did smile. Gotta love little boys. Keep the conversation recaps coming!

Carrie Darney said...

Love this whole cute! All of it!!!