Tuesday, January 4, 2011

See Ya Later 2010

I am ready to wash my hands of last year! Good Riddance! Don't let the door hit ya on your way out! Do not pass GO, do not collect $200! C-ya, wouldn't wanna be ya! Hasta la Vista Baby!!

It was a tough year for me. I look forward to 2011. I was gonna go all Oprah in my blog and talk about my feelings and such (you know, why I hated last year and what will be better this year) but maybe it would be better for everyone if I did not go into too many deep details.

Lets just do the Reader's Digest version here:

There were many, way too many, things I hated about my life in 2010. But I do understand that only you have the power to change what you do not like. Even though some of it depends on others, you can still change your heart and attitude about any given situation. So what better time to start with a new attitude then with a new calendar?

It's not resolutions. I SUCK at resolutions. That's for sure. But just fixing me. The list is long and not so distinguished of what I hate about myself. So I have promised myself to work on said list. I can't expect anyone to be happy with me if I am not happy with myself right? The good news is I already had a "me" moment and got a haircut!

I do really want to find "something" I am good at. I have been reading/checking out other blogs. All these people have a hobby. There are crafters and cooks and bakers. My friend has recently started painting and is even taking a class. I got nothing! I can change a mean diaper. I can even pour up a bowl of cereal with a baby on my boob. But talent? Talentless is more like it. I need to find my something. I really want(ed) to get into photography, but it seems that everyone is doing that. So I am still searching.

I  have promised myself to work on fixing a problem. When there is one, fix it then. No sitting and stewing over it. That only makes it worse. Fix it, let it go,  move on...something. But just doing nothing-that ain't right!

So there you have it, in a non glorious list. My things to work on. How I am going to try and better myself.

If I had to choose a "resolution" though.....

There I have said it!
I have typed it!
I have put it out there for all to read!

But is it possible? Can 1 mom really control the amount of money spent on food for 4 males? My gosh, I might have to cook more. What have I gotten myself into?


Dee Stephens said...

All my friends into the 'new age' way of thinking would tell you to 'visualize it'. Then make it happen.
I'm here for you!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Hey Cousin - I love everything about you!! Don't change too much!! I know what you mean by trying to find a talent ... but who has time? I think pouring cereal while breastfeeding is an awesome talent! Good luck with the grocery bill! I thought our resolution was to see each other this year??!!

Momma to the A's said...

I just recently started following your blog, so I don't really know how 2010 stacked up for you, but honey if it was anything like mine ... 2010 couldn't be over with fast enough!!!

I have a hobby and sunk a lot of money into it, but I hardly get any time to do it. Being a great mommy is a rare talent, and it looks to me that you got it down pat! Breastfeeding and making breakfast .. not too many people can lay claim to that one! (I used to like to answer the door breastfeeding when solicitors came knocking! Gets 'em out quick ... especially if they want you to sign something:)) I think it is just important to find some alone time to recharge no matter what it is you to during that time!

Happy New Year and I sure hope 2011 is much better to ya!!

Making It Workin Mom said...

OMG! I have the same resolution and just posted about it! My grocery bill is so out of control. I also have no talent to speak of. I like to think I will discover one some day, but so far nada!
Maybe we should start a support group for talentless woman who spend way too much money in the grocery store. I think there is a need!

Merry Mack said...

I also just started following your blog so I am not sure about what is up, but I think you are being hard on yourself. Maybe you need a weekly date with yourself. Even if you just walk around the block alone. Just do something to feed your soul so you can give all those males in your house that keep your grocery bill high all your positive energy. If you are going Oprah, start an inspiration journal where you cut out things you love and glue it in a book. Maybe that will help with the hobby. Hobby,schoby. Hell, I never could even breastfeed much less breastfeed and multitasking. Amazing!