Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Future Scientist

Well not really
But a mom can dream right
We have been wanting to test out the Science Museum for months now
It is right next door to the zoo
which we frequent
So we talk about it all the time
Finally I decided to venture out
We used some Christmas money to purchase an annual membership
And we will get every penny's worth out of it

With it's play fire station 
and real fire pole to slide down
or crazy mom's to dance on

And the nation's largest indoor spiral slide

And even plenty for Christian to do

And planes and trains
And tumbling
And so much more we did not even get to yet

(don't they just look like trouble?)

Super EXCITED about this place

But let me tell you what pissed me off.....
I try to teach my boys respect
Of their things
but more importantly of others
For example, while here at the museum
They played with blocks
When we were done, we put the blocks back in the bucket
Now this place has seen better days
But I imagine it is pretty hard to keep up with it with all the kids that come through there
But come on folks
My boys were playing on the slide
This gi-normas slide
Christian and I were in that section crawling around
It is kind of set up like a big tree house
Then this group of boys comes running in
Probably about 9 years old
probably some all boys school on a field trip or something
they come 
and are all running UP the slide
I snapped
And told the teacher/supervisor
I have little ones trying to slide down

Every section we went to 
Here came these unruly boys
Now in a couple of years
I might be singing a different tune
But for now, it irritated the living poo out of me
I try to show my boys one way to behave
and here come these older ones acting like monkeys
Luckily they did not stay very long


starnes family said...

Looks very cool! Love the Superman shirts, too. Love your boys!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Cous - preaching to the choir. I just had a conversation the other night with my neighbor and another friend about the lack of discipline. Our moms would have paddled our behinds if we pulled that!