Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Man


 Uhmmm, wrong one

Not that one either

This one...

My little man
I am so in love
He has changed
in the last week
I swear it!
Maybe his personality is finally coming out
Maybe his teeth are hurting a bit less
Who Cares!
He is hilarious
Laughing at himself
Eating by himself
I think 8-12 months is the most fun
I say that today
Tomorrow I might be singing a different tune

Went to the zoo yesterday
It was good
Made for a long afternoon with tired kiddos
Wore my puma's
They suck!!!
Should have walked around in sexy heels

Been working on our halloween and fall decor
Embarrassed to post pictures after seeing Allison's

Connor witnessed Mark and me having an argument
The next day he asked me if Santa hears everything
Then he wanted to know if we (mommy and daddy) were on the naughty list
for fighting

When I was at Target the other day pushing the stroller
and carrying the hand basket 
(in my money saving attempt)
I walked past the pharmacy where 2 people were waiting
When I was about 3 feet away they started talking about me
"she's got her hands full"
"wouldn't want to do that"
That sort of thing
I am right here
I can still hear you!!!
Look at me...
My hair is in a pony tail
I am wearing yesterday's make up
And my shirt has stains
Do I look like I am having fun?
I don't need you reminding me
Just kidding
I do have fun, dirty clothes and all

Off to swim lessons
Sorry I am a bore these days

Saturday, September 25, 2010

What I've Learned

This week I have learned:

- Don't stick your finger in a coke can. I had one arm full of baby and the other hand full of garbage and tried to grab a diet coke can for the trash by sticking my finger very carefully in the whole. YOWZA!!!! Dang near took the top of my finger off

- You do what you have to do when your freshly potty trained kid has to potty and you are sandwiched in in the carpool line. Even if you got out of the line and went to the closest gas station and got everyone out of the car, it would be too late. So you grab a water bottle and let the boy go!

- $150 worth of groceries doesn't get you through the week. We had to have pizza for dinner

- Connor better be smart, cause he is not gonna be a soccer star

- Texas loosing is almost as gratifying as Oklahoma winning for Mark, which = happiness for me

- Christian is allergic to mosquitoes- Is that even possible? But he will get HUGE welts from them, almost immediately. The last few nights when we have been outside playing I have sprayed us with OFF and the stickin' mosquito's will find the one unsprayed spot, on the top of his hand or inside his shirt. They just eat him and me, seem to leave the big boys alone for the most part....weird huh?

Here is what I would like to learn
Maybe you can help
Do folks not eat as a family anymore?
I don't expect it every night. Kids have practice and hubby's have to travel or work late, but a few times a week it is so hard to sit down together? I even remember EVERY. SINGLE. SUNDAY going to Granny's house for lunch after church. And it was a feast. We never questioned it or asked to do something else. We went, we ate, we played. Life was good. My cousins came once or twice a month and they lived an hour or more away.

Friday, September 24, 2010


I often spend a Friday or Saturday night alone
wandering the isles of 
It's my get-away
Kind of sad I know
But I'm ok with it

I have been avoiding it lately
Mainly because you can't go there with out dropping
And I am trying to watch my pennies
And I have been too tired at night to even venture out
So yesterday I went with my entourage

I did not get a cart
Just took the stroller and grabbed a hand basket
Trying to keep myself from grabbing too much useless, random crap
My little basket still held $64
So it kind of worked
I saved $40 right?

We were on a strict "no toys today" rule
Cause the brats had been a bit too bratty that morning
We still looked though,
per their request 
So they could add to the ever-going list
Then we had a break down

I did pass by the same lady several times
Finally she said to me 
with a smile of her face
"I just have one question for you, does he ever stop talking"
I laughed out a NO
Glad someone else saw (heard) it
I am not making it up
My sweet Connor is a talker
non-stop talker

I also hit Hobby Lobby and Michael's yesterday
I am looking for a few more Halloween decorations for the house
I am getting all my goodies put out this weekend 
I wanted to make it more orange/black
versus Fall for October
since the boys are at that perfect age to really enjoy it
We are having fun looking at all the ghosts and goblins
Gotta get crafting after reading about all of Allison's new creations
She is so talented
For some great ideas, check out her blog here
She has done more crafts this month than I have had showers

And a little side note.....
If one thinks his/her Lexus or Mercedes
is so freaking special that it needs to park on the line so that it takes up 2 spaces
Then park your dang foreign car at the end of the parking lot
and walk your lazy ass into the store!!!!
Just Saying

(Wow! I feel better after getting that out)

Tonight I am going to try and catch up on some of my DVRed shows from the week
I have been a bit disappointed with the newbies in TV
Tomorrow is a noon soccer game
And from 12-3 is 
Fall Fun Fest at school
Kind of excited about our first school event
Wishing it wasn't in the middle of nap time
But we will deal
Also hoping to find a pumpkin patch or two in this little town of ours

Happy Friday
That means daddy is home for 2 days

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not Much To Say

Shocking I know
Usually I am foaming at the mouth 
when I have an opportunity to chat with other adults
Even if it is in this write and read about it
blog world
But I am seriously drawing a blank
I might have writers block
'Cept I don't even feel like talking
Is that called talkers block?

So here goes some randomness

-I want to blow up a picture of each boy
My favorite candid photo of Connor is MIA
I have been through all the pics on my old pc and the new one
Can't find it anywhere
It is driving me mad!!!!

-In the process I am enjoying looking at all my old pictures
And I have realized I am SO behind on my pictures

-It has made me realize that I remember nothing of Colton as a baby
How sad is that?
I think I remember so much of Connor because he was my first and I had nothing else to do with my time but take care of him
And Christian, for quite a while, reminded me of Connor
But with's like this writing
Drawing a blank
So I have been studying his pictures
This was right before we went to Ireland and left them with my parents for 10 days
He stopped nursing after that
Maybe that's part of the memory loss
Did I miss some bonding?

-Christian is going to be 10 months on Saturday
The time has really flown by
He has slept through the night less than 2 dozen times
How did I screw that up so bad?
No wonder I am freaking tired

-With all the tragedy that has been mentioned in blogs just this week 
(loss of friends-young, old, and furry) 
and sickness
I should show my gratitude for 3 healthy boys
But can I bitch for just a minute???
Somebody please feed this baby 1 time!!!!
How am I ever gonna get him off the boob and on a cup in the next 2 months?
I am way to tired and sort of tired of the boys
That is the most horrible thing to admit
But I need a break from them
Can I get a PTO day?

-Total change of subject
I don't get the obsession with Justin Bieber
For months I thought his name was Justin Beaver
And I kept thinking how did someone with a name like "beaver" get famous
Either way, still don't get it
I must be old

-I have been trying Wen hair products for a week now
Definitely different in a good way
But still haven't decided if it is worth the money

-Still looking for a new face wash and moisturizer
I had ordered Bare Essentials and was very excited to receive it from QVC
(yes I am a secret QVC whore)
But then I realized I had shipped it to my old address
And it was sold out
So I am back to square 1

-I would give my left arm right now for a house cleaner
I have asked twice about it on mamma source
But no one has responded
I would rather a person versus a company

-The boys are done eating and it looks like we had a food fight in here

-Sometimes when I feed Frisco, he is eating so fast that it pushes his bowl into the corner
Then he has a hard time reaching it and he starts growling
Like someone is taking his food
Dumb dog!

Bath Time
Thanks for the vent session
Welcome FALL

Sunday, September 19, 2010



You: "So, Jann, what did you do Friday night"

Me: "Well the boys and I cruised the mall"


Christian was in desperate need of pj's
I was about 1 night away from cutting out the toes in his jammies
Don't laugh
I have done it before
A visit to Children's Place was in order

Colton needed new underwear
since he is....
wait for it
he has been in underwear for over a week now
except at night

Connor also needed pajamas
He has had a growth spurt recently
They all need their fall clothes
But hard to get in the mood for that when it's 
95 degrees still

Connor wanted Toy Story jammies
So we visited the Disney Store
I was buying 2 pair
And while Connor needed both
I did not want to fight the battle with Colton as to why he did not get any
So they each got 1 pair
I think for Christmas I will get them the opposite pair
Because this Buzz and Woody
To Infinity and Beyond!!!!!

Last week Colton started his school
He did great and loved it
I am praying that another day will become available

This little one is pulling up on
He is the happiest baby ever
as long as his tummy is full
Today Connor and I went to Toys R Us to trade in the 
carseat carrier for a new one for the baby
I was very sad to see it go
I am not sure why
that puppy was disgusting
I hauled around 3 babies in that carseat
My MIL who purchased it for us when Connor was born 
certainly got her money's worth

I ventured out to the grocery store today
I guess my new goal is $150/week
Man that just sounds crazy to me
I have been trying to cook more
Not sure why because Mark is never home 
and the boys sure as heck don't eat it
I have been trying some recipes from
Tonight we had 
Bada Bing Pork Chops
Pretty Good
And thanks to my better half for grilling

Looking forward to new TV starting this week
I programmed my DVR tonight

Got a call from a bestie Saturday night
She was telling me about her husband's cousin and his wife
Whom I have met once or twice at birthday parties
They were coming home Friday night on 75 (in Dallas)
and a drunk driver hit them
They both died
They left behind 2 daughters
The youngest, around 6 or 7, was theirs together
The oldest, around 9, was the wife's from a previous marriage
But the father died of cancer 2 years ago to the date
Please keep them in your prayers

And finally....
Connor's second soccer game was Saturday
I stayed home with Colton who desperately needed a nap
From what I hear it was a "normal" 4 year old game
Half the kids crying
Melting out
Didn't want to play
Good Times Folks
Good Times

Hope you all had a great weekend

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Fun

Last weekend was Labor Day Weekend
And it already seems like it was forever ago
I haven't posted much this week
Our time just seems so busy
And really it's not
We are home alot doing nothing
But with 3 little ACTIVE ones
It's hard to sit at the computer
or wash your hair
or do laundry
Some of that I don't mind

last week Mark went to Dallas for his 
fantasy football draft
(He better win something from all this)
He picked this little bench up for me 
I had been wanting it for my entry way
And it is the perfect little spot for our
library book basket

Over the holiday weekend we didn't do much
Some yard work and messing around the house
On Labor Day
we drove to Brick Town in OKC
just exploring a bit
There is a cute little River Walk
much smaller than San Antonio
But I am sure at night it is much livelier
But it was a fun morning stroll

Connor also had his first soccer practice that evening
I stayed home with Christian and his fever
That baby boy....

During this week we had some crazy rain
But one morning we went to the zoo
It was still drizzling a little
so we had the place to ourselves
We sat down to eat our picnic lunch we brought
and this little fellow dang near attacked us
He even took Christian's spoon
A lady working a near by snack stand fed him a hot dog bun
trying to get him away from us
He kept coming back

While there, we, of course, checked on Big Mamma the Gorilla
They had them inside that day
Then I remember seeing on the news that there was a 
"near escape"
the previous week
That had happened in Dallas a year or two before
Crazy monkeys!

This weekend Mark and I had a date
The YMCA had parents night out on Friday
So we took the boys
It's cheaper than a sitter
We went to a little restaurant right across the street
One of neighbors recommended it
And I mean little
maybe a dozen tables
It is called
Signature Grille
The hubs is the chef
and the wife runs the front
I thought it was great
A bit pricey
But will be a nice place for special occasions
One of those places where everyone knows each other

Saturday we paid the price for our little rendezvous
Not with hangover
but TIRED boys
Everyone was up late
10pm late
which might as well be an all nighter by our standards
Plus no naps had been had on Friday
And with Connor's first soccer game at 1pm
No naps would be had on Saturday either
Connor snuck one in
on the way to his game
Never a good sign if they fall asleep on the way to the game
There is Connor on the right
And yes they are all 4
I know Connor is little
But those kids are on ROIDS 
just sayin'
They won!
(I think)
How could they not with the giants on the team
And played much better than I thought a bunch of 4 year olds would
And as we stood out in the middle of 10 fields
watching our oldest child
I almost cried
I so vividly remember rocking and nursing him
And now I am watching him run up and down the field chasing a ball
And so begins a new chapter
in our
Life with Boys
And I think I'm gonna 

And I have to say
my little man is so little
How little you ask?
He is so little that I hope he doesn't run out of his shoes
They start making cleats at a size 10
Connor is a 9

And the little ones had fun watching too
Ok so Colton was more interested in games on the phone
not the field
But he was tired folks

And pant-less
He is potty training
And don't you know
Minutes after finding the right field
I see  the little stream of yellow running down his leg
So I stuck him in the back up diaper I had
Unfortunately I did not have back up shorts

Tomorrow is his first day of school
Praise You 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

News Talk

I don't usually talk politics
or news
or religion
too much
here or in general
mainly because I don't like it when people disagree with me
And I don't have the chance to stay on top of the news 100%

But this morning I was able to catch a few minutes
of some stories
And I am livid
that is such a fun word
just kind of rolls off the tongue

So, pissy point number 1
The muslim mosque proposal for Ground Zero
Who in their right mind would ever think this to be appropriate
You don't have to believe in my God
You don't have to believe in any God
That is the this great right we have in America called
But lets face facts
Faith and belief in 
the Father
the Son
and the Holy Spirit
are the foundation of our country
and certainly a majority belief here
So why build a temple for those few who believe in something different
The same "higher power" to those of the ones who caused
Ground Zero
Just Saying

Pissy point number two
This preacher who wants to burn the muslim's holy book
For REAL??
You know,
I have some pretty un-Godly things to say about
those "out of towners" and their beliefs
But I don't
(very often anyway)
All you can do is pray for them
But a preacher wanting to burn their book?
That does not sound very Christian-like to me

So some good news
I heard this story the other morning
This is a story of God's work

Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Happenings

 Casa de Lenz

****Nothing says**** 
Last day of August 
sweat pants and a long sleeve t-shirt
nice dressing yourself there kiddo

****Nothing says****
good grub
no explanation needed

****needless to say****
we went straight here
Knew this sink would come in handy for something

Colton was playing 
with a baseball bat and a basketball
good thing he's cute

****nothing says****
mom you really deserve to take a shower today
this 15 minute shower
cost me 45 minutes in clean up time
I used to pretty good at math
But for some reason those calculations just don't
add up

seems to be getting over whatever rash took over his body
today the bumps are barely visible

is in Dallas yesterday and today for
 fantasy football draft
that's right friends
as in 

****Connor and Colton****
totally obsessed with sock gloves
I think it started as a way to play spider-man
but now
just for kicks
is this a little kid thing?
a boy thing?
or just my "freak show of a family" thing?
And when they are not on their hands
They use them to ice skate 
And Colton almost always has one on his foot
just 1
We're stylish here

**** me****
I'm surviving
Gonna be co-room mom at Connor's school
Reading lots
Avoiding the laundry
All the usual crap

So there is a run down
We live a boring life folks
Nobody ever said I would keep you on the edge of seat

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just a Quick Update

Good news
for sure not chicken pox

Bad news
still no idea what it is

Christian still is covered in bumps
 and I mean there are well over 50
yes I have tried counting
 but they are fading

I am beginning to wonder if it is some sort of weird bug bites
 I think this because they look like that
big and red
and they are not on his stomach or back
which is always covered by a onsie

So today I am washing everything in HOT water

He still has diarrhea-5 days now
Maybe it is related 
or not?
who knows
But that shit stinks!!!!

Still not in a major posting mood
Dont' know why

But I am definitely making my poster today
Kid for sale
Free kid
Kid with $20 in his pocket

Wednesday, September 1, 2010



We are not sure
That's what I'm dealing with folks
Haven't felt much like blogging the last couple of days
Have lots of good ideas in my pretty little head though
So look out
When I have a moment
And a clear head
I will let loose

In the mean time
I am trying not to put a toddle out on the curb with a
"Free to good home"

Bought the poster board
Set out the markers
It just might happen

In the meantime I am checking Christian's spots
Are they worse?
Are they better?
more or less
Nothing is oozing
Scanning the Internet
Yeah, bad idea there

The doctor said they look like pox
But it is so rare these days
So we are waiting
Say your prayers peeps

Many many thanks

Is it bedtime yet?