Sunday, September 19, 2010



You: "So, Jann, what did you do Friday night"

Me: "Well the boys and I cruised the mall"


Christian was in desperate need of pj's
I was about 1 night away from cutting out the toes in his jammies
Don't laugh
I have done it before
A visit to Children's Place was in order

Colton needed new underwear
since he is....
wait for it
he has been in underwear for over a week now
except at night

Connor also needed pajamas
He has had a growth spurt recently
They all need their fall clothes
But hard to get in the mood for that when it's 
95 degrees still

Connor wanted Toy Story jammies
So we visited the Disney Store
I was buying 2 pair
And while Connor needed both
I did not want to fight the battle with Colton as to why he did not get any
So they each got 1 pair
I think for Christmas I will get them the opposite pair
Because this Buzz and Woody
To Infinity and Beyond!!!!!

Last week Colton started his school
He did great and loved it
I am praying that another day will become available

This little one is pulling up on
He is the happiest baby ever
as long as his tummy is full
Today Connor and I went to Toys R Us to trade in the 
carseat carrier for a new one for the baby
I was very sad to see it go
I am not sure why
that puppy was disgusting
I hauled around 3 babies in that carseat
My MIL who purchased it for us when Connor was born 
certainly got her money's worth

I ventured out to the grocery store today
I guess my new goal is $150/week
Man that just sounds crazy to me
I have been trying to cook more
Not sure why because Mark is never home 
and the boys sure as heck don't eat it
I have been trying some recipes from
Tonight we had 
Bada Bing Pork Chops
Pretty Good
And thanks to my better half for grilling

Looking forward to new TV starting this week
I programmed my DVR tonight

Got a call from a bestie Saturday night
She was telling me about her husband's cousin and his wife
Whom I have met once or twice at birthday parties
They were coming home Friday night on 75 (in Dallas)
and a drunk driver hit them
They both died
They left behind 2 daughters
The youngest, around 6 or 7, was theirs together
The oldest, around 9, was the wife's from a previous marriage
But the father died of cancer 2 years ago to the date
Please keep them in your prayers

And finally....
Connor's second soccer game was Saturday
I stayed home with Colton who desperately needed a nap
From what I hear it was a "normal" 4 year old game
Half the kids crying
Melting out
Didn't want to play
Good Times Folks
Good Times

Hope you all had a great weekend


starnes family said...

So sorry about your friends. Tragic and sad. I'll be praying.

Love the pics of the boys, of course. Kudos on the potty training!

Just unpacked my salt and pepper shakers today. Thought of you and am so grateful for your friendship!

If the shoe FITZ said...

so sorry to hear about the accident. such awful news.

those pajamas are the cutest thing i've ever seen..serious cuteness.

The Soladay Family said...

Oh my goodness. What an awful story. So incredibly sad. Praying for those precious children.

Yeah for potty training!
Love the boys in their Woody and Buzz pjs.
Little man is getting so big!!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Cous so sorry to hear about your friends. I will keep them in my prayers. Your boys look so big and cute!! I could squeeze Christian - love his smile!

Dee Stephens said...

What a terrible story about that family! Prayers indeed. Drunk driving.. not worth it.
Can't believe how big Christian is getting!

Sassafrass Jane said...

Arg that makes my stomach turn. Idiot motherfucker asshole drunk drivers. Sorry. But seriously. Prayers their way...just awful.
On a happier note, the pic of Christian pulling up is just darling! Look at that chubbsy smile!
And those Buzz & Woody jammies? Too CUTE! Love that you've cut feet off jammies before...awesome.
And the bench Mark got you in your last post is perfect for that spot- and for library books! Good hubs :)

Coco said...

Holy shit, what a post.
So sorry about your friends. That makes me sick.

If you find out how to keep the grocery store cost down, do tell. I am weird about buying organic and stuff so it gets pricey.

Buy the cookbook, "the foods you crave" you will not be sorry.

Christian looks like a man in a toddler body. Doesn't he? I just want to eat him up. Precious.

Soccer sucks with preschoolers, like a pack of hungry/tired puppies runing about begging for food and drink. Doesn't make sense.

I want a baby named Colten.