Saturday, September 25, 2010

What I've Learned

This week I have learned:

- Don't stick your finger in a coke can. I had one arm full of baby and the other hand full of garbage and tried to grab a diet coke can for the trash by sticking my finger very carefully in the whole. YOWZA!!!! Dang near took the top of my finger off

- You do what you have to do when your freshly potty trained kid has to potty and you are sandwiched in in the carpool line. Even if you got out of the line and went to the closest gas station and got everyone out of the car, it would be too late. So you grab a water bottle and let the boy go!

- $150 worth of groceries doesn't get you through the week. We had to have pizza for dinner

- Connor better be smart, cause he is not gonna be a soccer star

- Texas loosing is almost as gratifying as Oklahoma winning for Mark, which = happiness for me

- Christian is allergic to mosquitoes- Is that even possible? But he will get HUGE welts from them, almost immediately. The last few nights when we have been outside playing I have sprayed us with OFF and the stickin' mosquito's will find the one unsprayed spot, on the top of his hand or inside his shirt. They just eat him and me, seem to leave the big boys alone for the most part....weird huh?

Here is what I would like to learn
Maybe you can help
Do folks not eat as a family anymore?
I don't expect it every night. Kids have practice and hubby's have to travel or work late, but a few times a week it is so hard to sit down together? I even remember EVERY. SINGLE. SUNDAY going to Granny's house for lunch after church. And it was a feast. We never questioned it or asked to do something else. We went, we ate, we played. Life was good. My cousins came once or twice a month and they lived an hour or more away.


starnes family said...

We eat every night as a family. Not because we have to, but we genuinely enjoy it. My parents raised us to do it and Blake's did not. We've made it work.

Not always....and never for breakfast......everyone is too busy and going in different directions, but certainly for dinner.

I love your notes.....and your laid back attitude....keep it up, sister!

Dee Stephens said...

We eat together and when we have kids they will too.
I think everyone was happy UT lost!

FROGGITY! said...

are you on my list of peeps??? if not give me a shout (if you want, of course). i just went private! my email is


The Soladay Family said...

We eat together every night too. Well, the boys eat, and I watch. I'm not a big dinner eater. Ryan and I were both raised that way and like it that way.

Have done the same thing with a DP can. Ouch.

Sassafrass Jane said...

I'm cracking up over the water bottle in the car pool lane...I'd do the same thing! When a boy's gotta go a boy's gotta go.
Allergic to mosquitos? Poor baby! I think my skin must be thin, because mosquitos WILL find my blood no matter where I am. So annoying.
We try to do dinner all together as much as we can, even if it means going out to dinner. It's hard to pull off, but it's SO important! Tone and I were both raised this way, but I know many families that don't make it a priority. I think they're missin out!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Lucky you have boys - water bottles don't work so well for girls. We always ate as a family except when we had practice. We try to now but the days Chatty has practice we don't. I think it is important though and try to as much as possible. I could go for a good Granny meal right now! I was thinking of Mark this weekend when I watched the OK game and saw the TX score!