Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not Much To Say

Shocking I know
Usually I am foaming at the mouth 
when I have an opportunity to chat with other adults
Even if it is in this write and read about it
blog world
But I am seriously drawing a blank
I might have writers block
'Cept I don't even feel like talking
Is that called talkers block?

So here goes some randomness

-I want to blow up a picture of each boy
My favorite candid photo of Connor is MIA
I have been through all the pics on my old pc and the new one
Can't find it anywhere
It is driving me mad!!!!

-In the process I am enjoying looking at all my old pictures
And I have realized I am SO behind on my pictures

-It has made me realize that I remember nothing of Colton as a baby
How sad is that?
I think I remember so much of Connor because he was my first and I had nothing else to do with my time but take care of him
And Christian, for quite a while, reminded me of Connor
But with's like this writing
Drawing a blank
So I have been studying his pictures
This was right before we went to Ireland and left them with my parents for 10 days
He stopped nursing after that
Maybe that's part of the memory loss
Did I miss some bonding?

-Christian is going to be 10 months on Saturday
The time has really flown by
He has slept through the night less than 2 dozen times
How did I screw that up so bad?
No wonder I am freaking tired

-With all the tragedy that has been mentioned in blogs just this week 
(loss of friends-young, old, and furry) 
and sickness
I should show my gratitude for 3 healthy boys
But can I bitch for just a minute???
Somebody please feed this baby 1 time!!!!
How am I ever gonna get him off the boob and on a cup in the next 2 months?
I am way to tired and sort of tired of the boys
That is the most horrible thing to admit
But I need a break from them
Can I get a PTO day?

-Total change of subject
I don't get the obsession with Justin Bieber
For months I thought his name was Justin Beaver
And I kept thinking how did someone with a name like "beaver" get famous
Either way, still don't get it
I must be old

-I have been trying Wen hair products for a week now
Definitely different in a good way
But still haven't decided if it is worth the money

-Still looking for a new face wash and moisturizer
I had ordered Bare Essentials and was very excited to receive it from QVC
(yes I am a secret QVC whore)
But then I realized I had shipped it to my old address
And it was sold out
So I am back to square 1

-I would give my left arm right now for a house cleaner
I have asked twice about it on mamma source
But no one has responded
I would rather a person versus a company

-The boys are done eating and it looks like we had a food fight in here

-Sometimes when I feed Frisco, he is eating so fast that it pushes his bowl into the corner
Then he has a hard time reaching it and he starts growling
Like someone is taking his food
Dumb dog!

Bath Time
Thanks for the vent session
Welcome FALL


Dee Stephens said...

Hang in there Mama!
I can't believe Christian is almost a year old?? WTF? insanity!
As for the house cleaner.. I want one too.
no such luck. Brad isn't going to let us do it.
Justin Bieber - I don't get it either. Maybe I'm old too?
Thanks for the words today. I just know good things are to come!

Coco said...

Good for you for venting!!

Being a mom is so hard, and I have been doing it for the past 51/2 years and now love working. Makes me feel like shit but I do. I love being a grown up.

Christian is lucky that you have nursed for that long. But the time has come for him to let the boobie go. He will see other boobs later in life.
I can't imagine how tired you are.

Let's go grab a drink!

starnes family said...

10 months? Can that be right?

Love your boys! Hang in there. I never nursed, but understand newborns and the first year for sure!

The Soladay Family said...

Man, 10 months already!? Wow!

My first was 5 months old and still not sleeping through the night. Still waking to eat. His pediatrician said he didn't need to eat. He just knew I would get him. He suggested I let him cry when he woke, and it honestly only lasted 2 or 3 nights. It wasn't easy, but I was nursing too and needed some effing sleep. I was a new person!

I nursed all my babes for 1 year each, and once that first bday came, they wanted that cup. Your little man might surprise you and do the same!

Hang in there!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Man your kids are lucky - mine barely got any boob! I think we need to live closer b/c I have needed to vent a lot this week too - something with the full moon tomorrow? I know what you mean about a PTO day ... I am with you.

Miss you Cousin - and btw you are a fabulous Mom (and cousin and friend)!