Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Fun

Last weekend was Labor Day Weekend
And it already seems like it was forever ago
I haven't posted much this week
Our time just seems so busy
And really it's not
We are home alot doing nothing
But with 3 little ACTIVE ones
It's hard to sit at the computer
or wash your hair
or do laundry
Some of that I don't mind

last week Mark went to Dallas for his 
fantasy football draft
(He better win something from all this)
He picked this little bench up for me 
I had been wanting it for my entry way
And it is the perfect little spot for our
library book basket

Over the holiday weekend we didn't do much
Some yard work and messing around the house
On Labor Day
we drove to Brick Town in OKC
just exploring a bit
There is a cute little River Walk
much smaller than San Antonio
But I am sure at night it is much livelier
But it was a fun morning stroll

Connor also had his first soccer practice that evening
I stayed home with Christian and his fever
That baby boy....

During this week we had some crazy rain
But one morning we went to the zoo
It was still drizzling a little
so we had the place to ourselves
We sat down to eat our picnic lunch we brought
and this little fellow dang near attacked us
He even took Christian's spoon
A lady working a near by snack stand fed him a hot dog bun
trying to get him away from us
He kept coming back

While there, we, of course, checked on Big Mamma the Gorilla
They had them inside that day
Then I remember seeing on the news that there was a 
"near escape"
the previous week
That had happened in Dallas a year or two before
Crazy monkeys!

This weekend Mark and I had a date
The YMCA had parents night out on Friday
So we took the boys
It's cheaper than a sitter
We went to a little restaurant right across the street
One of neighbors recommended it
And I mean little
maybe a dozen tables
It is called
Signature Grille
The hubs is the chef
and the wife runs the front
I thought it was great
A bit pricey
But will be a nice place for special occasions
One of those places where everyone knows each other

Saturday we paid the price for our little rendezvous
Not with hangover
but TIRED boys
Everyone was up late
10pm late
which might as well be an all nighter by our standards
Plus no naps had been had on Friday
And with Connor's first soccer game at 1pm
No naps would be had on Saturday either
Connor snuck one in
on the way to his game
Never a good sign if they fall asleep on the way to the game
There is Connor on the right
And yes they are all 4
I know Connor is little
But those kids are on ROIDS 
just sayin'
They won!
(I think)
How could they not with the giants on the team
And played much better than I thought a bunch of 4 year olds would
And as we stood out in the middle of 10 fields
watching our oldest child
I almost cried
I so vividly remember rocking and nursing him
And now I am watching him run up and down the field chasing a ball
And so begins a new chapter
in our
Life with Boys
And I think I'm gonna 

And I have to say
my little man is so little
How little you ask?
He is so little that I hope he doesn't run out of his shoes
They start making cleats at a size 10
Connor is a 9

And the little ones had fun watching too
Ok so Colton was more interested in games on the phone
not the field
But he was tired folks

And pant-less
He is potty training
And don't you know
Minutes after finding the right field
I see  the little stream of yellow running down his leg
So I stuck him in the back up diaper I had
Unfortunately I did not have back up shorts

Tomorrow is his first day of school
Praise You 


Dee Stephens said...

I bet Mark is stoked too about the new phase in life as well! :) Good thing he's a real man's man..
Christian looks SO much like you! I know.. I say that all the time.

The Soladay Family said...

Lots going on! Glad you had a date night!

We are definitely a sports family too! SO much fun!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

I have to admit I love the sports!! Such cute pics of the boys!!

FROGGITY! said...

i am loving the bench you got! also, i am so not a fan of squirrels... but i AM a fan of soccer! rock on!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Yes you can come in Jan!!