Friday, September 24, 2010


I often spend a Friday or Saturday night alone
wandering the isles of 
It's my get-away
Kind of sad I know
But I'm ok with it

I have been avoiding it lately
Mainly because you can't go there with out dropping
And I am trying to watch my pennies
And I have been too tired at night to even venture out
So yesterday I went with my entourage

I did not get a cart
Just took the stroller and grabbed a hand basket
Trying to keep myself from grabbing too much useless, random crap
My little basket still held $64
So it kind of worked
I saved $40 right?

We were on a strict "no toys today" rule
Cause the brats had been a bit too bratty that morning
We still looked though,
per their request 
So they could add to the ever-going list
Then we had a break down

I did pass by the same lady several times
Finally she said to me 
with a smile of her face
"I just have one question for you, does he ever stop talking"
I laughed out a NO
Glad someone else saw (heard) it
I am not making it up
My sweet Connor is a talker
non-stop talker

I also hit Hobby Lobby and Michael's yesterday
I am looking for a few more Halloween decorations for the house
I am getting all my goodies put out this weekend 
I wanted to make it more orange/black
versus Fall for October
since the boys are at that perfect age to really enjoy it
We are having fun looking at all the ghosts and goblins
Gotta get crafting after reading about all of Allison's new creations
She is so talented
For some great ideas, check out her blog here
She has done more crafts this month than I have had showers

And a little side note.....
If one thinks his/her Lexus or Mercedes
is so freaking special that it needs to park on the line so that it takes up 2 spaces
Then park your dang foreign car at the end of the parking lot
and walk your lazy ass into the store!!!!
Just Saying

(Wow! I feel better after getting that out)

Tonight I am going to try and catch up on some of my DVRed shows from the week
I have been a bit disappointed with the newbies in TV
Tomorrow is a noon soccer game
And from 12-3 is 
Fall Fun Fest at school
Kind of excited about our first school event
Wishing it wasn't in the middle of nap time
But we will deal
Also hoping to find a pumpkin patch or two in this little town of ours

Happy Friday
That means daddy is home for 2 days


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Wish we could get together and try to be crafty! I need to run by Hobby Lobby too! We often have Target meltdowns with our entourage!

Dee Stephens said...

Just 2 Days? boohoo!
I need to get crafty this weekend too. Alison's blog is making me feel like a TOTAL loser!

The Soladay Family said...

This post is hilarious. I love your thinking about "saving" money at Target by using a hand held basket. I'll have to try that!

I'm not crafty...I'm just a little crazy.