Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas to All....

Today is Christmas, I will have a post on that to come, maybe. I have been pretty sucky lately at posting so who really knows. But I did want to chat a bit more about December.

We have a had a fabulous day. Couldn't have asked for a better day, except for maybe more friends and family around. But I have been over the Christmas hustle and bustle for about 2 weeks now and have been in major party mode. Colton's birthday is in 2 days. He will be having a party on January 7. It's his first ever "real" birthday party. And I plan on making it a kick ass party. In my head anyway. It might turn out to be a complete bust.

I have already put the Christmas decor away. Ok, so it's just in boxes. I sure as heck am not carrying those up the stairs. I have to have all that finished up tomorrow. Tuesday is packing day. We leave Wednesday for my parents house. We return Sunday evening. That leaves me 2 days before I go back to work at the boys MDO to finish up for the big SpiderMan party.

December is suppose to be a time of reflection. A look back on all the things you screwed up in the year. Luckily I have been way to busy to bother with all that crap. But I am looking forward to January and getting my pit of a house organized. I think I am just going to take 1 room at a time and complete it. All my cabinets and closets need to be cleaned out.

Isn't it funny that as soon as Christmas is over and put all the stuff away, it feels like it should be spring. But winter is just getting started. All though, I did buy all the boys snow pants this year, which means we will not a single freaking snowflake in OK.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas day. I know we have.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Hello Strangers  Friends....
   It's been quite some time since I've been on blogger. I have tried to read some though, and it seems as if lots of you are MIA! I have so much to say and catch up on that I don't know where to start. So I just go with what I can think of.

Today was the last day of school for 2 weeks and I couldn't be more excited about spending some time with my boys. I know in 2 days I will be ready to ship them off, but for the moment (in my head) I am ready for some special time.

Con woke up today crying, wanting to move back to TX because there is a girl there he wants to marry. He doesn't remember her name. Hey, like father like son. He recently gave Santa his list, it was completely different from his original final list. SOL son, SOL!

Colton has gone back to diapers. Just 1 week away from turning 4 and I had to go to Target for pull ups. Speaking of Target, if there is a town without one, that's where I need to move. We have "thrown away" his undies. I have them put away because I am not going to waist the money on new ones. But I am OVER the accidents. Not sure you can even call them accidents when it is several times a day. He could care less about the alphabet. He could care less about pooping in the potty. Good thing he's cute!

Chris is talking up a storm and climbing like a freaking monkey. Caught him on the counters the other day with the kitchen scissors and a pack up candy. Luckily he still has all 10 fingers. I've lost another life, but hey, that 's just all part of the mommy gig! He climbed up the pantry door for the secret stash of suckers. Guess I better move those. Trouble, that one!

Finally got all my cards out, and damn they are cute. If you didn't get one and would like one, send me your address. If you don't want one, bah humbug to you!

Insurance sucks. We pay out the wazoo and I think between the 5 of us, we have been to the doctor 4 times this year plus 4 well checks. I need an MRI for my shoulder and they deny it! And don't get me started on the cost of medicine. I got to the pharmacy for my pills and had to pay $60, WTH???? Who can pay that?

I am ready for the big day. Shopping is done, wrapping complete, budget shot!
I have moved on from Christmas to planning Colton's 4th birthday party. It will be his first official party to have, so I am trying to make it special. I am pretty pumped about this, he better appreciate it, the little pooper!

It was freezing for a while, now it's cool but not cold. We had a crazy winter in OK last year. This year I bought all the kids snow pants/bibs. won't snow. I totally jinxed us.  Snow has been forcaste twice so far, and both times.....nothin'. For those who don't like snow, you're welcome.

  - MAC
I lost some pictures off my MAC and I am just sick to my stomach about it. Perhaps that will teach me to back up and/or print my photos

And now some pics for your enjoyment....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I miss my blog world. I miss my old world. This stage of life is keeping me busy and tired. Can I please get all my kiddos back at home, no school. Do they really need an education anyway? The funny part is, if we were home all day together I would be screaming for school.

Got my Christmas cards made and ordered and I am pretty impressed with myself. I love making them. Now I have to start on my calendar and the one for the grandma's.

My Christmas shopping is 85% done. HOLLA!! And let me tell you, it's expensive friends. I have spent a ton of money and don't have that much. But bikes and DS' add up quick.

Got myself 2 new leather chairs for the family room. Found 'em on Craig's List! Score one for mamma!! They are brand new and look really great in the room.

I really want to cut off my home phone. Only telemarketers call us. I would have to pay some money to fix our alarm system to go wireless though. Does anyone still have a home phone?

Christian turns 2 next week. I am kind of sad. I am very afraid of the next year!!

I have fruit flies. Probably from a little certain someone who climbs the counters and takes bites out of fruit and then leaves it in the bowl. Nothing like buying 10 apples and they have 2 bites missing.

Cleaned out my closet. I'm fat and it's empty! I have got some serious new years resolutions in the works over this one.

Got a nook for my birthday. Not sold on it. And it's no cheaper than buying the actual book, for the most part.

Trying to figure out how I can buy a new Christmas tree without Mark noticing. Thoughts or ideas?

Time to get ready for our Wednesday night church class......

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Steps

 I hate going to the pumpkin patch in shorts
It just feels so wrong
In the past we have made numerous visits
during the season to the PP
to play and take pics
So we usually can get in at least one trip
in long pants
This year we only went once

NEVER buy your pumpkins at the pumpkin patch
It's highway freaking robbery
Buy your big guys at the grocery store
better yet-WALMART
This year they were $3.88
The big ones at the patch will run $10+
We buy the baby pumpkins that we paint for less than $1 each
That way the boys can pick out a few each


 This is quite possible the most important step
mainly because it's the most fun
what's not to love about playing in 
soap and water

 and you can clean your kids at the same time
when providing your children with water (and soap) to play in
it is best to remove their clothing first
weather permitting of course
especially their $50 stride rite shoes
that will take 3 days to dry out


painting is messy
but so much fun
under NO circumstances should leave the room
hold your pee
or you will return to find someone painting the other
and himself

 It is very important that each child
can place his very own pumpkin(s)
otherwise a fight is very likely to break out


Be prepared to stick your hand in and get the goo out
Your kids will NOT do it for you

Have enough non sharp tools for everyone
or a fight will break out
(fights can start among 3 children quite easily)

STEP 6: DRESS UP IN COSTUMES (not necessarily the brand new ones mom just spent $$ on)


Halloween was great! Hope yours was too. Now please don't forget about the turkey! We don't, especially now since we celebrate Christian's Thanksgiving birthday. I can't believe my last baby is about to be 2 in just a few weeks. It makes me sad. On the plus side, I only have about 2 more years until I get my sanity back...HOLLA!

I think I should start a parenting tip segment. But not about what to do, about what NOT to do. I have a lot of knowledge in that department, seeing as how I screw up bunches and bunches. 

Sorry for being so MIA. This working mom thing is kicking my butt. I promise to catch up on all my favorite blogs soon and too catch you up on our super exciting lives here in OKC!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Boy Talk

Colton came out dressed horrible, he was wearing an orange t-shirt with an alligator on it. I asked if he was going to wear that. He replied "I'm team alligator"

Colton to me "I want to change my number"
Me-"What number?"
Colton- "I want to change my  number to 5"
(He is referring to his age)

Colton- "I found the bean"
(referring to the seed of the apple)

CONNOR: (he is full of it these days)
Connor-"take a picture of me and send it to my boss"

Connor-"I have a laptop"
Me-"really, where?"
Connor- "It's invisible"

Connor- "What in tar nation"
(where does he get this stuff?)

Connor to my neighbor- "My daddy is 41, he used to be 6"

Connor (to me while doing homework, referring to a pencil)
"I need a spear"
Me- "A WHAT?"
Connor- "A spear"
Me-"You mean a SPARE?"

Connor- "I want to play chest!"
Me-"Say what?"
Connor- "I want to play CHEST, you know that game like checkers"
Me- "You mean CHESS?"

Connor- "Will you give me money for doing work?"
Connor- "Everybody knows chores are boring, but I'll do it for money"

Connor- "Can you call me Steve?"
(I think Steve is Iron Man? or some super hero)

Connor- "Why am I yawning if I slept to 7?"

He makes me laugh, that's for sure! I know I should correct him, but sometimes I don't want to because it's so cute. BAD MOM!

While Christian is saying more and more everyday, most of it is still unrecognizable. But he has figured out how to shake his head "yes". The side to side NO motion we have down for a long time. So now, he likes to answer every question with a yes or no head shake. Cute, but if you do the opposite of what he wants, he screams (with all of his lung power squealing kind of screams)!

Hope my boys brought a smile to your face today!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Adjusting to School

Before I chat about today's topic
let me address my absence
I have been absent from my blog
Did you miss me?
This past week the stomach bug was at our house
All four of us got it
Mark was out of town
Good times folks

Before that it's just been crazy around here
Which is a really great lead in to my post

We are 5 or 6 weeks into this semester
and I am still not used to it
We are all tired
and I miss Connor 
Christian is growing up 
Can't we all just stay home forever?

The biggest adjustment for me has been going to work
While it is only 3 days a week
It feels like a lot
I have been very blessed to be home
Not so sure I will continue this next year
It's kind of a big deal having to get up
and be dressed in a presentable manner
by 8:15 AM
I really don't know how working moms manage
I don't know that I could be successful

See look at this boy:
That's one tired baby

The key to making it happen each morning is
and  prepping

It's either that or getting up way too early
I choose the planning

Make lunches at night
Have backpacks ready to go
Clothes laid out
Shoes by the door
Breakfast plates out
My shower done

And then it happens
I just can't seem to open my eyes in the morning
But on any given Saturday or Sunday
when I could sleep in
I am wide awake and ready to go by 6
kind of sucks

The other day the little boys and I went to the zoo
First time without Connor
felt like I was cheating on him
How stupid is that

And while I am enjoying the very small paycheck I get
And the break from my own kids
I hate being away from Christian 3 days a week
I swear he has grown up 
He finally stopped crying when I drop him off

Colton is totally enjoying his class 
He needs to be around his very own friends
I am so happy and excited for him

Time to go prep for tomorrow

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I watch far more television in the summer than I do during the school year. That wasn't always the case though. I used to seriously schedule out my programs and DVR order. Back in my Michaels work days, talk of the previous nights shows dominated the lunch room.

But then I had Connor, and my TV time became less. Which was odd because he went to bed at 7, but I was usually too tired to focus on 32 Law and Orders. Then I added a child in the mix. By the time bed times came around, I was a zombie. Then came Chris. By the time I get 3 sets of teeth brushed, 3 bodies bathed, lotioned, and dressed and then all 3 to sleep..... I'm asleep!

But the summer it's all good. I DVR alot and watch most of it on Friday and Saturday nights. Plus we watch Big Brother which comes on 3 nights a week, so that keeps you busy in itself. Some of my favorites this summer have been:
Covert Affairs
Burn Notice
Rizzoli and Isles
Covert Affairs
Franklin and Bash
Drop Dead Diva
Army Wives (this year it was more of a spring show)

I am not a Bachelor fan like most, but a couple of times I caught a few minutes of Bachelor Pad and laughed my butt off. One episode they were tossing eggs and opposite sexes backs to questions like "who are you least attracted to". Seriously? They sign up for that? Then one night one couple will be making out and the next week the guy is with another girl and then the first girl is pissed. People like that make me laugh (and sort of feel good about myself).

I have not really thought too much about the fall lineup yet. I watch when I can with the exception of Grey's Anatomy. That's my chill with a glass of wine night! I am very disappointed that Brothers and Sisters is not returning. I can't believe it was cancelled before Desperate Housewives. WTH? I have not really noticed any new shows that look too promising for me. That's ok, it leaves more time for reading (and blogging)!

What will you be watching?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Braums Ice Cream

So here is my unsolicited plug for Braums......

I have never before in my life been to Braums. Now it's my new favorite place. And I have never had the ice cream. Wanna know what the big deal is?


My favorite conversation of late with every mom I come in contact with is about grocery shopping and how much it costs. It is my mission to feed my family for less without being a crazy couponer. After about the 5th person to mention to me that they buy their milk and other dairy products from Braum's, I figured I better see for myself what all the fuss is about. Apparently it tastes great and they do not put the hormone RBGH in it (whatever that is).

So one day I went. First of all I was shocked! It's like a whole freaking store in there. They have produce, meats, a few frozen things, dairy, and of course ice cream. And I was not the only person in there just to buy milk. In fact there were several folks in there doing just that.  It's about the same price as your typical store brand milk. And it is yummy thick. The skim milk tastes like whole.

I'm sold! For reelz!

And I am pretty sure I could shop for a whole week in there. One of these days I might just try it!

If you have a Braums near you....check it out! You won't be sorry.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Here goes nothing....

  • my chest is on fire thanks to the cold that has worked its' way into my chest-good time
  • I have been working on the same post all week, not sure why I can't get it together
  • probably all the cold medicine keeping me in a fog
  • Mark and Con went to Texas today for a few days, I have lots of special things planned for the little boys (secretly wish I had one day alone)
  • I dream in skinny (when I am in my own dream I always have my 20 year old body)
  • Christian has grown this week, I can't believe how different he looks when I am not around him 15 hours a week
  • Speaking of Chris-he has major gas right now
  • Why do people with 2 year olds not make them nap? This is coming from the worker in a 18-24 month room (me)!
  • I always watch Big Brother every summer, and it pisses me off every summer. Yet I can NOT turn it off.
  • Praying for the cleaning fairy and her cousin the laundry fairy to come tonight

Happy Thursday to you all

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

  • I am one tired mamma. I work 16 hours a week and it has beat me down. How do you working moms do it? I stand in awe of you!
  • I am so freaking tired of this heat and the 105+ temps that I could pack up and move
  • I really want to go shopping...for me!
  • I'm pretty sure I just got my hair cut but I want it cut again. Maybe I just want the attention. I know I just got it colored and it really needs it again. I swear everyday I have new little pokey white hairs. WTH?
  • I miss sleeping with my dogs, who are no longer allowed on any carpeted area of the house
  • I hate laundry, just saying

Not many thoughts today, my brain is fried! Hope everyone is doing well my friends!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ch,Ch,Ch, Changes

Summer break is coming to a screeching halt here in a couple of days, and I am finding myself very upset. Normally parents are counting down the days until that yellow bus makes it's stop at the end of the street again. But not me, I'm sad. Like take an extra zoloft sad!

Last year Connor went to pre-k at the elementary school. He already hung out with big kids. He knew kindergartners. He even has 2 first grade friends (now 2nd grade). This was suppose to be an easy transition for him, as well as for mom. The schools here have half day kinder. So, while I was disappointed that he wasn't going to be learning more, I was secretly excited to have him home one more year. However, I had arranged for him to go to a program at the little boys school 1 day a week. They have a K class the other half of the day. Christian did not go to any MDO last year. And that was hard on me to NEVER have a break. I'm not big on sitters. So I knew for my own sanity I could not go another year like that. So Colton is in preschool 3 days per week and Connor and Christian 1 day. That gives me 1 day a week for me (a few hours anyway). Then mid summer, the school announces we are having full day kinder. YAY for Con, BOO for me. It is hitting me hard.

And to perhaps add to my fear of changes.....I got a job. Now I am second guessing myself and my decision. I am going to be working at the little boys school. So it's only 3 days a week (15 hours) and they get to go with me. But I loose any me time I thought I was going to have. I thought I really wanted something to do (and to help with 3 college funds).  I am sad Connor is away and now I am losing 3 days with Christian.

Maybe this is all too much at once. Or more likely I am just being a big fat baby! My first born baby is practically off to college. And last night while at parent orientation at the my work they asked me if I would want to move into Christian's room, which means they would move him into the 2 year old room. WHAT?!?!? He can't be in the 2 year old room-I wish I was still nursing that boy.

There's my Debbie Downer story for you. Hope I didn't send you to the liquor cabinet for a drink, my friends.

How did you handle your kids leaving the nest?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Stormy Weather

The heat has been
 out of control
record breaking
non stop
Last Monday night some serious storms rolled through town
Praise God for the rain
OKC is in some massive need of H20

  I'm a storm sleeper
Slept through a tornado couple of years ago
But this one woke me up
And big mamma was a wee bit scared
OK a lot scared
From our bedroom on the top floor
we are in the tree tops
and the wind was blowing so hard
it looked like the trees were bending over to the ground
And the sky was glowing with lightening

I prayed for the Angels to protect my house
And they did
We had a lot of limbs down
But everyone else lost trees
big huge old trees
 the wind pulled my frog right out of the ground (above)

The top of the next door neighbors tree
blocked their driveway

A branch took out Mark's tail light

All the houses in the cul de sac lost trees
Fences were down
The main loop through our neighborhood was blocked by fallen trees
The movie theater across the street lost its roof
(no shows for me for a while)

The next morning all the neighbors were out cleaning up
We actually got to meet some we hadn't yet talked to 
The little old lady who lives next door
got in her car to drive the cove
There are 4 houses that make the circle
and she drove it
Old people are cute

The city said they would pick up storm debree for free
So our sidewalks are covered with piles of limbs
Mark of course could not stand the mess
He loaded the back of his truck and took it in
Our fallen limbs filled the back

Finally we have had a break in the triple digits
And another day of rain
Wonder if this crazy heat will mean a mild winter

Lots of changes happening for me this week
More on that tomorrow
Hope all is well

Friday, August 12, 2011

Boy Talk

It's been a while since I did this one and I must admit I have laughed lots at the things those crazy boys are saying, but I haven't been keeping up with them. So I will try my hardest to remember a few. Here goes....

Con-mommy, will you play Scooby Doo with us?
Con-do you have a purple dress you can put on?
Con-Do you have any color dress you can wear?
Me-No, I don't have any dresses
Con-Well you have your wedding dress, you can just wear that
Me-Let's just wear what we have on

Con-(after running back and forth on the sidewalk) I'm tired, all that jugging is wearing me out

Me-Connor are you ready to start Kindergarten? You will be going all day
Con-I don't want to go all day
Me-Why not?
Con-Cause then I won't get to spend as much time with you
(Melt my heart little boy)

Con-Can you take those boobie holders back tomorrow?
(On not wanting to go to the mall to exchange my new bras

Knock Knock jokes and "why did the chicken cross the road" jokes are big right now with the big boys
knock knock
who's there
banana who
banana pants
(loudest giggles ever)

why did the chicken move to the other chair
cause he wanted to sit there
(laughter heard for miles around)

you get the idea, but the joke telling can last for 30 minutes or more. At least the giggles make it worth while.

Christian is talking lots, in his own baby language of course! He tells me when he poops with dider (diaper)
He often gets tuck (stuck)
He always wants a nack (snack) and then a dink (drink) and then my my (more more)

Happy Friday my friends

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

  • Not sure why I don't feel like blogging lately, it's not like I'm busy or out playing in this heat wave
  • I lost my MOT Y nomination today when sweet Chris took a backwards fall off the high chair this morning RIGHT in front of me
  • My house in a complete and total disaster and just plain dirty
  • The floors are being put in tomorrow (from where I ripped up the carpet a couple of weeks ago)
  • Said construction creates lots of dust, so I am waiting to clean until that is finished
  • I scrubbed my room and bathroom today and it took an hour
  • I hate unloading the dishwasher
  • Football season is almost here, uugghhhh, I won't see or talk to Mark until January
  • I like it when my kids say YES MAM, I have to bite my tongue when I hear other kids say YEAH or WHAT to an adult
That's it my friends. Life in OKC is nothing but HOT these days. I have been to more museums than I care to talk about. Christian is into EVERYTHING!!!!! Some times it's super cute, other times I want to pull my hair out and drink! There is 2 more weeks until school starts. I am ready for routine, but have not hated the summer like I thought I would. Connor's school was chosen to go to full day kindergarten. While he is ready for more learning, I was excited about having him around most of the day for another year. That means his official baby stage is over....bitter sweet!

Toodles my friends


Thursday, July 28, 2011


Seriously, if I wanted to live in the freaking desert, we would have moved to Arizona. For real....we had the opportunity. This has been the hottest, driest summer EVER! It's hotter in OKC than it is in TX! WTH???? And absolutely zero rain. The plants are dead, the grass is dead and not growing (good news is we are saving money on the mowing), the dogs can't go outside, and neither can we!

All these crazy temps are keeping us in. I'm going a little stir crazy. We have been to the museums 1400 times (more on that in a bit). I have done way too much online shopping. We have eaten out for lunches way, way too many times. I have rearranged the kids rooms. We have built some massive forts.

I have pulled up the carpet in the formal rooms! Mark came home and rolled his eyes. We had been discussing new floors in the 2 rooms, but now we have to. It's the freaking heat people!!

I have rearranged the living room 72 different ways (and still can't find a way I love). Every week when  the hubs comes home it looks different. He asks me "WTH are you doing". It's the heat! And it's my new excuse for everything. Seriously it's making me a little nutso!

We've done lots of playdo, until Christian eats too much.

And now the museum reviews.....
The Sam Noble Museum in Norman
I love this one!!! It's not really a children's place, all though there is a kids room, but it has a dinosaur section. That's why the boys refer to it as the dinosaur museum. It is filled with OK history. It's cheap and it's air conditioned, which makes it tops on my list.

 The kid's room had the cutest dinosaur bone dig

The Edmond Museum
A free and air conditioned museum with a cute kids space

 It had "old time" rooms set up. Below is the jail. There was a kitchen, a bank, a train station, and a tepee

The Children's Museum
We have a membership to this one and have used it well this summer. We just went yesterday with some friends. This one is always fun. While we only go for a couple of hours at a time, you could certainly spend the entire day learning about everything from teeth to earthquakes

And today, just to torture myself in this lovely heat.....headed to the zoo! Wish me luck