Monday, August 15, 2011

Stormy Weather

The heat has been
 out of control
record breaking
non stop
Last Monday night some serious storms rolled through town
Praise God for the rain
OKC is in some massive need of H20

  I'm a storm sleeper
Slept through a tornado couple of years ago
But this one woke me up
And big mamma was a wee bit scared
OK a lot scared
From our bedroom on the top floor
we are in the tree tops
and the wind was blowing so hard
it looked like the trees were bending over to the ground
And the sky was glowing with lightening

I prayed for the Angels to protect my house
And they did
We had a lot of limbs down
But everyone else lost trees
big huge old trees
 the wind pulled my frog right out of the ground (above)

The top of the next door neighbors tree
blocked their driveway

A branch took out Mark's tail light

All the houses in the cul de sac lost trees
Fences were down
The main loop through our neighborhood was blocked by fallen trees
The movie theater across the street lost its roof
(no shows for me for a while)

The next morning all the neighbors were out cleaning up
We actually got to meet some we hadn't yet talked to 
The little old lady who lives next door
got in her car to drive the cove
There are 4 houses that make the circle
and she drove it
Old people are cute

The city said they would pick up storm debree for free
So our sidewalks are covered with piles of limbs
Mark of course could not stand the mess
He loaded the back of his truck and took it in
Our fallen limbs filled the back

Finally we have had a break in the triple digits
And another day of rain
Wonder if this crazy heat will mean a mild winter

Lots of changes happening for me this week
More on that tomorrow
Hope all is well


Dee Stephens said...

WOW! Tornadoes freak me out! I think that's from when we lived in tornado alley outside Memphis.
Glad everyone is okay!! We've got a cold spurt going on here right now. 60-degrees this morning when i went out walking!!

starnes family said...

I have been missing your sweet boys so much. Glad to catch up again!

Sorry to hear about the storm. When the sky is glowing, you know it's bad.