Monday, January 23, 2012

Stroller Trouble and a Screwed Up Day

I am back in stroller shopping mode. I didn't really think I would be here again, but Colton is walking places now so much that it is not always convienent to have the big mamma double stroller. So I am doing my research and trying to find the best deal. I will use the single stroller for probably 2 years. I want to make the right decision, as I do with any type of purchase like this. So that in a year when I have buyer's remorse, I can be really pissed at myself for not "thinking of that" for whatever it is I decide I don't like about said item.

I think I just want a light weight umbrella style stroller. The down side to that is, they most have to handles instead of 1 bar. It's easier to push single handed in the middle of a single bar, instead of trying to keep it from going to the left or right if you are holding another child's hand or holding them on your hip.

That being said, I would love to get the single version of my double for that exact reason. But it is more than I wanted to spend. It's the baby jogger city mini and it runs around $200

Then I found at Target the Chicco light weight stiller. It folds easy but is still over $100. So if I was going to spend that much, I have heard great things about maclaren strollers. I actually found a brand new one, still in the box on Craig's list for $145. Still expensive, but 20% or so less than retail. But I am still with the 2 handle delima.

I also found on Craig's List a Peg (Aria) I don't even think they make this one anymore. It's on $50. It has a single bar for the handle, but unlike some Pegs, it does not have the "stand" on the back that another rugrat can stand on.

So should I go with the good name and cost efficient or spend more? I don't know why I have to make this such a big freaking decision.....

My screwed up day. I was going to take the little boys to Babies R Us this morning to test drive some strollers. Then I was going to call the Craigs list ad to see if I could look at that stroller. Then I had an errand to do at the mall. All this and be home for lunch and nap time. These boys need some serious rest and we have this test karate class this afternoon (ggrrrr). Then Colton reminded me it's Monday and I have a reading appointment at the elementary school. I do this every Monday, but last week was no school, the week before that Colton was sick and before that was Christmas break. So I was out of my routine and completely forgot. It's only 30 minutes, but it's right in the middle of the morning so that I can't do anything before or after!

Stroller advice please. Any new mommies out there, you might know of a new hip brand that I'm not down with....

Happy Monday

Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas with the Lenzer's

And by Christmas
I mean 2011
All of you are OVER the holidays
Some of you may even be planning 2012
I'm still harping on last month
I don't even think I posted about Thanksgiving yet?

tons of pictures
and they are out of order 
since that's how blogger works
stupid blogger

Last chance to log out....

We visited Santa
you won't see Christian in this photo
because the big guy hadn't offered the candy yet

We baked
I baked
the boys licked the spoons

And the dogs

Can you guess their favorite kid?

The little boys had a Christmas program at their preschool
I forgot my camera so the crappy pics are on my phone
Colton was a shepherd
He is still singing 
"Away in a Manger"

Cutest kid ever
He kept getting up and trying to do tricks in front
The teachers kept stopping him
I thought it was a great photo op
they totally disagreed
mean teachers

Christian only opened 2 gifts early
and it was 2 days before Christmas
Amazed it didn't happen sooner

Christian's Santa pile

Connor's santa pile
doesn't look like much
Looks sad actually
but I'm pretty sure he got plenty

And Colton's

The most used gift 
A trampoline from Nannie
the boys are loving it
It keeps me and Mark in hysterics
The big boys bounce Christian all over the place

Con had a class party
He made a gingerbread house 

Christian found it

Thinking about it it
this kid is a mess

More baking

At least I got help this time

 The family room tree
AKA tacky tree
Decorated with the kids home made ornaments
and hung by them
ok mostly connor
but  rearranged 1453 times by Christian

Opening gifts is so much fun at this age
Christian wanted to put on everything he got
Connor kept score
Colton just went with the flow

Christian got into the cake
It was our Christmas dessert
and we were saving it for Colton's birthday 
2 days later
Colton did not get any
This kid is nuts

 And this is when it's nice to have a "formal" room
I got to have a tree with grown up ornaments
If I had know this was how it was going to work out
I would have bought a tree with white lights
I love white lights
So "my" tree is not quite how I like it
But I still sat in this room a lot
and enjoyed

Did you survive?
Still awake?

Still to come
visit to my moms and pops
(more Christmas)
Christian's birthday
and what ever else I missed

Thanks for playing
Hope your week is going well
It's finally Friday
Mark has made it back into town
I am getting my "hairs did" tomorrow
YAY! no more gray
2 hours in an adult location
No body better have the stinking brats there
If my hubby really loved me 
he would schedule me to get a massage while I'm there
somebody text him

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

God HELP me

I searched on pinterest......
"lego party"

somebody stop me!!!!!!

been cleaning out crap cabinets, keeping up with the regular routine, and fighting Christian for sleep now that he climbs out of the crib (ggrrrrr)

Colton's still pooping in his pants and Con is talking back more than ever

Mark's gone for the week

I pray for that everyday

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Party Pictures

Superhero Students in Action

Overall the party was a success
I would do it again in a heartbeat
no matter how much I bitched and moaned
Colton had a blast
His buddies from school were still talking about it today
That's what counts

Happy Birthday to my sweet Colton
Can't believe he's 4
now if he would learn the alphabet
and stop pooping his pants

Monday, January 9, 2012

Spidey's Superhero Academy

Becoming a Superhero is hard work
One must master several skills in order to become certified

You must be able to jump through the 

And you have to actually practice
you might think it comes natural to little Superhero's
but it does not

And every Superhero must work out
muscles are a necessity

As a Superhero 
you never know when and where duty will call
so you have to 

And just in case
you have to learn to 

And to prepare for darkness
or if Batman is your Superhero of choice
will help

And the number 1 requirement for a Superhero
is to 
get rid of the BAD GUYS

for our little Superhero's learning purposes
this was accomplished with silly string
(and a plastic floor covering)

When all of these skills were mastered
Colton and his friends
were official graduates of 
Spidey's Superhero Academy

and they have the certificate to prove it

And of course they had to have
a cape and mask

One more birthday post coming up
with a few actual party pictures