Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas with the Lenzer's

And by Christmas
I mean 2011
All of you are OVER the holidays
Some of you may even be planning 2012
I'm still harping on last month
I don't even think I posted about Thanksgiving yet?

tons of pictures
and they are out of order 
since that's how blogger works
stupid blogger

Last chance to log out....

We visited Santa
you won't see Christian in this photo
because the big guy hadn't offered the candy yet

We baked
I baked
the boys licked the spoons

And the dogs

Can you guess their favorite kid?

The little boys had a Christmas program at their preschool
I forgot my camera so the crappy pics are on my phone
Colton was a shepherd
He is still singing 
"Away in a Manger"

Cutest kid ever
He kept getting up and trying to do tricks in front
The teachers kept stopping him
I thought it was a great photo op
they totally disagreed
mean teachers

Christian only opened 2 gifts early
and it was 2 days before Christmas
Amazed it didn't happen sooner

Christian's Santa pile

Connor's santa pile
doesn't look like much
Looks sad actually
but I'm pretty sure he got plenty

And Colton's

The most used gift 
A trampoline from Nannie
the boys are loving it
It keeps me and Mark in hysterics
The big boys bounce Christian all over the place

Con had a class party
He made a gingerbread house 

Christian found it

Thinking about it it
this kid is a mess

More baking

At least I got help this time

 The family room tree
AKA tacky tree
Decorated with the kids home made ornaments
and hung by them
ok mostly connor
but  rearranged 1453 times by Christian

Opening gifts is so much fun at this age
Christian wanted to put on everything he got
Connor kept score
Colton just went with the flow

Christian got into the cake
It was our Christmas dessert
and we were saving it for Colton's birthday 
2 days later
Colton did not get any
This kid is nuts

 And this is when it's nice to have a "formal" room
I got to have a tree with grown up ornaments
If I had know this was how it was going to work out
I would have bought a tree with white lights
I love white lights
So "my" tree is not quite how I like it
But I still sat in this room a lot
and enjoyed

Did you survive?
Still awake?

Still to come
visit to my moms and pops
(more Christmas)
Christian's birthday
and what ever else I missed

Thanks for playing
Hope your week is going well
It's finally Friday
Mark has made it back into town
I am getting my "hairs did" tomorrow
YAY! no more gray
2 hours in an adult location
No body better have the stinking brats there
If my hubby really loved me 
he would schedule me to get a massage while I'm there
somebody text him


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Should I play the word massage in my words with friends game with Mark??? Love that you have a tacky tree too! Good thing Christian is cute! Love how Con kept score - so much like his cousin Lacey and Colton so much like his cousin Sophia!! Love the trampoline but it always make me pee!

starnes family said...

Go to an Aveda salon. They work in a 10 minute neck aromatherapy massage in conjunction with your cuts. At least every Aveda salon I've been to does so. It's divine.

Way to go, Christian! Only 2 gifts.........early.......that's pretty good!

Your house is gorgeous, Jann. Well done. Love sneaking a peak behind all the Christmas pics. So happy for yall!

Dee Stephens said...

Your house is gorgeous! No pictures of you though!! :( What did you get for Christmas!?