Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spidey's Superhero Academy

Then party is over
We I survived
Colton may not have
He went to bed before 5pm
Let's hope that is for the night and not a nap

The party was a blast
I think I had as much fun as the boys
and I won't lie
I felt pretty good about myself
It was a good mamma moment for me

That being said, not sure if it was worth it
I spent WAY too much money
And way too much time

And of course this morning
moments before the arrival time
I realized I had forgotten a child
I had to scram to add a goodie bag
and extra spot at the table
Usually I make very good lists 
so crap like this doesn't happen
I'm not sure WTH is going on with me lately

So now on to the photos
And I must say that I can take virtually NO credit here
I found just about every idea off of that stupid website pinterest
But at least I can say I made something from there right?

The Decorations:

I made the banner
and Spidey is a wall decal I ordered from Amazon
he will be transferred to Colton's room and the banner will be put away for next year

 A close up of the letters
I think the "N" is upside down
but the glue was already on
They're 4, they barely know the alphabet right?

 Colton was so happy when he saw this Spiderman
I got the biggest hug and loving ever
That makes it worth while

 My pride and joy was this wreath
And you better bet your bum I will break this baby out for 4th of July
Take off Spiderman and throw on a flag
It is made with cupcake liners
My sister and worked on this together

The Spiderman face on the wreath was the invitation I made
That might have been the only idea that was actually mine

 I did Colton's name for decor
Tomorrow I am going to hang them in his room
I painted some letters I got at Hobby Lobby 
and then glued comic book pages on the front
So cute and easy
Might make some for the other brothers

During the middle of writing this post my Sweet Colton woke up in tears 
I had to take him to the clinic
He has a nasty ear infection
I dropped him off so Mark could lay him down while I waited for his medicine
By the time I got home he was sleeping so hard he would not wake up to take it
Hope he makes through the night with out waking up in too much pain

Tomorrow I will post on the "Academy" portion of the party


starnes family said...

Jann, you are amazing! Look at how cool this is! So proud of you.

Dee Stephens said...

Looks great! Our nephew Reed is obsessed with Spidey too! Just sent this post to Robyn! Can't wait to see more pictures!