Friday, January 21, 2011

What We've Been Up To

 Last weekend we got outside to enjoy the warmer temperatures and sun
We went to the fishing pond to feed the ducks
Don't think you can tell from this photo
but half the pond was frozen
The ducks were walking on ice
The boys get a kick out of this
And I get rid of the stale bread

The big boys are enjoying Colton's new trike
It's not really made for 2
but these guys don't always follow the rules

Christian is really into the pantry lately
And I am unable to put a lock on the door
The bigger problem is
this boy is quick
He got into the lemonade mix
pink lemonade

The picture is sideways
but notice the trail of powder

And the results
He was colored for days

While in Dallas after Christmas
we enjoyed some ice cream with friends

And lunch with Linda
Colton's God-Mother

And visiting with family
Uncle Bruce and Aunt Sara

And Aunt Barbie and Uncle Jerry

And Nanna and Pappa Lou

I am spending my Friday night catching up on some DVRed shows. ATT is coming by tomorrow to replace my receiver so I am going to loose my recorded shows. We tried again for Friday Family Fun night with a pizza and some Wii games. It worked out this time. We completely failed at it last week, but tonight....pretty impressive. Every one held it together nicely.

Mark is working most of the weekend. There is a home show in OKC and his company has a booth there so he will be there several hours a day. Tomorrow we will hang out and wait for the cable guy and maybe finish up, okay start, some valentines crafts. Sunday, after church, my new washer and dryer are suppose to arrive. They were suppose to be here last Tuesday. But come to find out, the dryer was out of stock. I haven't done laundry all week so that I can see how much these new puppies really hold! I am completely out of clothes so Sunday better get here quick. I have never been so excited to wash.


Dee Stephens said...

Oh wow! I bet you're dying without the washer and dryer. I'm doing laundry right now and it's Friday night. We tried to venture out to dinner but me..dumbass..forgot to make reservations and everything was JAMMED. Oh..well..home
Life of champions. :)
Love the park pictures with the boys. Christian is getting big.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

So did you get the new washer and dryer? Is it bad that I am jealous?? I really want a new set too!

Merry Mack said...

Look at you with a new washer and dryer! You are a lucky girl and they better be durable because I imagine you have a life time of loads and loads of laundry. That pink lemonade is funny. I hope you got caught up on your shows. I wish someone would come and erase all our DVR recordings. The crap my husband records drives me nuts.