Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jealous Much

Finally something to post about
My 2010 4th quarter bonus has arrived
After 12 days of waiting
I sure hope it's worth it

This took a lot of sweet talk to the Lenzer CFO
But after a few days of being a total bitch
He finally gave it

This is the maytag big mamma size washer with an allergy setting
I am hoping it helps Colton's skin some
And the .....
(wait for it)
steam dryer
Maybe we can save some $$ on dry cleaning
Mark takes most ok all of his work clothes to the cleaners
because I completely suck at doing laundry
Which I find odd because my granny, my mom, and my sister
all kick butt at it
I totally missed that gene
I know it won't make laundry fun
but if I can do it less often than maybe I will always feel so behind

I might be over it in a few days 
but for now
I am ready to wash

Getting them here though
Mark bought them 2 Sunday's ago
They were set to be delivered on Tuesday
We dirtied up everything we could on Monday 
just full of excitement to wash
Then the call came
The dryer was out of stock
New delivery date set for the next Sunday
I kept piling up the laundry
Sunday came
After several hours
We get the next phone call
Dryer did not come in
I finally had to start some wash
The kids were going commando
(don't freak out, they're boys-they think it's fun)
Finally today word comes 
The w/d are on the truck
But then I couldn't find the special cord we had to buy
I knew Mark got it because I saw it on the receipt
When I talked to him before he began all day meetings
He swore it was in the laundry room
I tore this house up looking
Every closet
Every cabinet
Under beds
you name it, I looked there
No cords
So I woke up the little one and drove to Lowes
30 minutes before delivery 
to buy another stupid cord
Come to find out, the delivery guys bring it 
Are you kidding me
But I did get an extra 10% for having to wait so long for delivery
Ok, that made me feel better
And the boys went to bed early!

And I have now completed 1 load
washed, dried, and put away
I think it's gonna be good


Dee Stephens said...

Brad takes nothing to the cleaners and I take only my suits(which I wear a lot before I take). Brad and I hang dry all his dress shirts and pants and he irons them. Crazy or what?
I was freaked out that he does this every night but it's awesome. We take his suits to the cleaners and that's it.

Merry Mack said...

I bet the excitement lasts awhile and then it will still be laundry at the end of the day. I hate doing laundry, but I am so thankful I can do it in my own house whenever I need clean clothes. I am major jealous of your shiny new toys with lots of bells and whistles.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

I am major jealous too! I would love a steam dryer for a lot of my clothes. Can't believe you missed out on the laundry, ironing gene - I htought we were all destined for it! I iron every week and only take certain things to the cleaners (suits, etc.). I hate ironing!!

Pat said...

I really hate you missed the gene,since I could try to do some bargaining when you come home. They are beautiful and, I too, am jealous. Just don't try to still do 3 loads in 1, pleeeaaaasssseee!!

Sassafrass Jane said...

Fuck you and your mega maytags. UGH.

Momma to the A's said...

Those are kick ass!! I love new laundry machines! I am lucky in that I have had 4 sets in our 8 years of marriage. It's one of those things that comes with moving A LOT. I really want a steam dryer ... someday! You'll have to let you know how the steam dryer really works out.

Have fun doing your laundry with your new babies!

Coco said...

Worth it. Promise. And mine doesn't have the steam feature.

The sanitary feature is awesome when somebody barfs all over sheets and such. Just letting you know.