Sunday, January 2, 2011


The boys go back to school tomorrow. I can't believe their 2 week break is over. Seemed like we used to be out for almost a month. Swim lessons resume and the endless driving around of little people will pick right back up. Wish we had 1 more week to stay home and relax! AND CLEAN!! It's like a disaster zone here. And I have been trying to clean out the toy closet to rearrange and make room for new. YIKES! Mark will shit his pants when he gets home and sees the basement.

We have traveled and been going non stop for weeks it seems, all though it's only been 2 trips to visit both sides of the family. At my parents' place, it relaxing. Lots of family time and visiting. In Dallas it is a tight schedule to get everyone in. The boys have to see all their friends, we have family to visit, and of course a certain amount of restaurants and stores to stop by. I've gained another 20 pounds it feels like, but it's good.

I have packed up the Christmas decor, with the exception of the tree on the landing. I don't do tall ladders that lean. Mark will have to take that one down when he gets home. And he has to carry the trees to the attic. I don't do attics either....creepy!

Now the month of clean up and organize (and throw out) begins. You wouldn't think I had that much to work on seeing as I have only been here 6 months. Yeah, how the hell does that happen?

When we were in Dallas, I did not take my computer. I knew there would not be time for blogging. But I  wish I could have had just to work on my thoughts. Got my big "New Year" floating around in my head. Hopefully I can work on that sometime this evening.

Mark got me a new TV for our room. Doesn't work. It works downstairs. Just won't work upstairs. Stupid cable!!! Or stupid old house. Not sure which.

I have decided that I am getting my hairs did! This week. I don't care what it costs or if my boys have to eat Ramen noodles for the whole freaking week. I sacrifice for them alot, right?  I think I have found a salon to try. Finding a new hair stylist is like finding a doctor, maybe harder. You see your doctor less.

Better get my butt back to cleaning, hubs will home in an hour. And he is bringing my puppies home from the doggie hotel. I really missed them last night. It was kind of scary being here with out Mark and no dogs. I rely on their ears so that I can sleep.

Happy 2011. Think I will be saying 20  11, not two thousand eleven. Seems easier, so I'm rolling with it!


Dee Stephens said...

I took all my Christmas stuff down today. Most of it last week but today the tree. And..guess what? Brad got a new TV for our bedroom too. More for him but really me since I watch TV up here most of the time. It's a 26 inch versus 19. Nice! Happy New Year! Let's hope it's a fabulous one for us all! :)

starnes family said...

Happy New Year!

Hope the TV works soon. I'm sure your house is entirely more put together than you think.

I just started a new "fit" program for 2011. Join me!

Momma to the A's said...

I am with you ... where did the last 2 weeks go and can I have one more, please?!?

Go get that hair did! It will be a great way to start off the New Year!! I am totally with ya on finding a hair stylist in a new place. So dang hard!! The pediatrician ... wish my kids could see a pediatrician! Only when we make our way home. Finding a pediatrician that you feel completely comfortable with is really hard. Thank goodness the one in Austin lets me call when I need and ask a million questions!

On another note, there was a hiccup with your wine glass. The UPS store guys broke it while wrapping it up. It was so cute and from Banff. I thought I would pick up a new one when I went back after Christmas, but they were all sold out. I promise to get a new one mailed this week ... PROMISE! I feel so bad! I am not falling in the TIMELY MANNER deadline. I am so sorry! I am trying to make it worth the wait!!

Have a great week!