Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Day 1
I say day 1
not because we are getting more snow
but because we will be stuck inside 
again tomorrow

The snow and winds came in over night
So we woke up to this
A good 7 or 8 inches of snow
and major snow drifts
The wind blew all day long
Still going actually

Mark suited up this morning to shovel the driveway
So he, in his brilliance, could go to work
I swear he could rob a bank dressed like this
He got stuck only a couple of times there and back
But when your boss lives walking distance from the office
You gotta show up

I had already grocery shopped over the weekend
And Sunday night had taken an outing to cruise Target
for some alone time
But did not get anything "needed" for the storm
because, quite frankly,
I assumed the weather guy was over talking the whole bit
like the previous 
So I went back Monday morning
killing time really between Colton school drop off and Connor swim lessons
I picked up these ugly snow boots for $9
That store was a mad house
I have not seen lines like that in a long time

This picture is outside the basement doors
It is underneath our deck
You can tell how bad the wind was blowing the snow

Explaining to a 3 and 4 year old
42 times
why they cannot go out and play in this winter wonderland
It only got 9degrees today
And the wind was unbelievably cold

After Mark finally made his way home this afternoon
And the wind had died down some
I did get the guys out for a picture

It took longer to get them dressed 
then they spent outside

The boys looked like the kid from
"A Christmas Story"
when he was padded up with clothes that
he couldn't even bend his arms

Frisco loved it
I swear he is a cold weather dog
He kept "asking" to go outside today
And he would run along the fence 
looking for his neighbor doggy friend
who of course was inside

The boys are 3 for 3 with snotty noses
I am sure our 2 and half minute outing today did not help
We played lots of Wii
and watched a movie
Not sure whats in store for tomorrow
Maybe some arts and crafts
and lego organization

Mark leaves tomorrow for his boy trip
I "gave" it to him for Christmas
Well, I gave him permission to go Thursday thru Sunday
meaning, I would not bitch and moan
And let him enjoy himself
Now it has turned into Wednesday thru Monday
Not sure how I feel about that
but what evs!
He deserves a break too
And is quite excited
Originally I was going to drive him to the airport
UM, yeah, not gonna happen now
He might have to transport himself in this snowy mess


starnes family said...

I love your ugly snow boots! I actually had some similar to them when we lived in Colorado and they were awesome.

Missing the cold weather!

Making It Work Mom said...

I am so all done with the snow. Good luck with your alone time with the boys. Love the pictures.

Dee Stephens said...

I secretly want snow to cook soup, turn on the fire and be cozy. Hubby is struggling with his new job though so he would drive in anyway and I would have no one to hang with anyhoos..

Merry Mack said...

Great snow pics and great find on the snow boots ;)

Amy Sumner said...

So I think a girls trip somewhere with a sunny beach is in order!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Did someone say girls' trip??? Call me this weekend if you need to talk! I am flying to NJ on Sunday and get to experience the snow and cold too!! Stay warm and stay sane!

NayNay said...

You have got to hook up w/my DIL! (when the snow ends) She's having TX withdrawal pains pretty bad. Email me at work and I'll send you her #. You'll have to instigate but Mallory would love the boys! She's missing little friends too.