Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Birthday

From his BIRTH day
His 1st birthday
I can't believe it's been a year
I have added
500 pictures
For your viewing pleasure

As I revisit these photos
These memories
I have to wipe away tears
I could have a dozen babies
if they didn't have to turn 2
sort of
I could give birth 
over and over and over
This has been a crazy year for me
For us
A new baby
A new house
A new city and state
Lots of changes
Plenty of challenges
And while my sweet Christian
does not sleep through the night
My love for him continues to deepen
I am so sad to see the "baby" days
come to an end
But look forward to the baby nights end
(if I'm lucky)
The busy toddler days lie ahead of us
So things are about to get even more exciting here
Life with Boys
And I can handle it
As long as I continue to get
sweet kisses like this

Even spaghetti kisses

I won't lie
There have been moments when I have thought
What was I thinking?
I cannot handle this!
But God knows what He's doing

Christian continues to surprise me
I think because Connor and Colton are so similar
Looks and Personality
I expect the same from my Little Bit
He is going to be his own man
From his blond hair and blue eyes
To his lack of snuggling
But always wanting to be held
I can't wait to watch him grow
And pray I don't screw him up

And it looks as though my 3rd baby
is turning 1 with only 2 teeth
The other 2 had 4 on their birthdays
He is not walking yet
But it won't be long

On Monday when I dropped Colton off at school
I was looking at all the moms walking in with new borns
I realized I was no longer the prego one
the one with 2 little ones and a baby
Now I am just a regular mom
Trust me, it's not boring
But it is a new phase

The best baby things
(that I know I will still enjoy a bit longer)
His perfectly smooth baby skin
I can and do rub on it ALL the  time
His sweet sweet baby breath
The best smell in the world
I take a big sniff every morning
The faintly sweet smell of his feet
especially after he has worn socks
The giggle
over a game of peek a boo
All the sweet noises
All the sweet silence
And the love in those gorgeous blue eyes

All these weird thoughts
and emotions
I am just rambling


So much to be Thankful for


Dee Stephens said...

Good post! So sweet!

Emily Fern said...

That was so sweet... it brought tears to my eyes I just can't believe how fast it goes by! I hope he had a wonderful Birthday!!

starnes family said...

Jann Mary Louise Michael Jennifer Leona Carter Jack Lainey Lenzer.

I need some warning before the pics.


I can't even look at my own birth pictures.

Regardless, I love that smiling baby. He is ALWAYS smiling.