Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I"m Going to California

For some reason, the picture was coming up just tilt your head!
When Connor rides his bikes around the house he is yelling "I'm going to California" or "California here I come"! I guess he gets it from the movie "Cars" where the race takes place in CA! I found it an appropriate post since that is where I am headed this weekend. I am taking a little last minute, casual trip to San Diego-no kids or hubby- to relax. My cousin is meeting me out there for a little family catch up. I can't wait to see her!!
So, California, here I come!!!
And by the way, we do make him wear shoes when he rides outside!!!


Deelsu said...

Have FUN!! Love San Diego! I think Mom of the Brown Eyed Girls is headed there this weekend too with her cousins!
Take lots of pictures! can't wait to see

starnes family said...

Enjoy! We'll be there this summer for 2 weeks. I cannot wait.