Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wet-N-Wild Weekend

Saturday was kind of a rough day for us. It was day 6 of Mark's business trip and Connor did not nap (YET AGAIN), and my patience was running pretty thin. But we had a birthday party to go that afternoon for Leah (turning 3) and Alex (turning 1). Their mom works with Mark. So I packed up the sleepless kids-Colton included since when Connor doesn't sleep he does everything in his power to wake up Colton- and we headed out. It was a pool party! She also had an inflatable pool set up for the little ones, which was nice because I sure as heck was not putting on a swim suit in front of anyone. There was also a bounce house which my boys did not find the least bit interesting.

The party went well, except for the bee sting. Luckily it was me and not Connor. He was sitting in a chair for a timeout and asked me to get the bee off of him. I could not see anything but of course swatted. Well there WAS a bee and that swat pissed him off!! He got me good. The whole stinger was left in my finger. By the next morning my finger was unrecognizable. It was huge!!!! I could not even bend it because it was so swollen, not to mention hot, itchy, and swore. Today it is only about twice the size as a normal finger but bendable so that makes a big difference. Another day or two and it ought to be back to normal.

Sunday we took the boys to a sprinkler park to play. Great way to beat the heat-for them anyway, but there was shaded seating for me! Colton never really got into the sprinklers. He mostly walked around the edges and stuck his hands in. Connor was the same at first until his girlfriend, Haley "K", arrived. Then they were all into it. This was after she had told her mom that she would go, but she was not getting wet!

They both look pretty wet to me. And I think they are having fun!!!

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Deelsu said...

looks like you do a good job entertaining the crew!