Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happenings, or lack there of

Not much to report in OKC
But like they say....
No news is good news

Christian has really gotten into feeding himself

So we tend to be going through at least 3 shirts a day
Bibs get pulled off
And there always seems to be a full plates worth of grub
under the chin
But he enjoys it
And he is so stinking cute I can't say no
So I do more laundry
Plus Colton has had more accidents in the last week
than I care to count
Which means even more laundry

Christian has also become obsessed with the pantry

He is so proud of himself

Connor was always into the cabinets
I learned to live with it
I kept one cabinet for his pleasure
Colton never got into them
But I think it's fun
As you long as never really need anything from them
If you do
you have to wash off first
But no biggie

We had a normal week....
swim lessons twice
soccer practice once
the norm
Connor, Christian, and I went to 
Mistletoe Market today
It is put on by Junior League of OKC
('neath the wreath for you Dallas folk)
I got 5 Christmas presents for the big boys
And a little diddy for me to hang on the kitchen wall
Will post a picture of that later
Told Mark I picked up 5 gifts
So he seems to think I will be done shopping by the end of the month
5 gifts
out of what?
Just goes to show men are clueless when it comes to the Christmas shopping
Love you BABE
but not even close

Did my grocery shopping today so I don't have to do it tomorrow
Spent $140 this week
That is $10 under my new "way too much" budget
But that included some cokes and laundry detergent
We will see if it lasts 7 days
We have been scraping around here for a day already
I still can't get this whole "feeding" thing worked out
To meal plan or not
Cook simple 
like grilled chicken and some veggies
cook something
like lasagna or enchiladas

Tomorrow is church 
and maybe something
fun in the afternoon
Hopefully everyone will sleep well tonight
Until then.....
Toodles my friends

What the heck am I doing wrong with loading up pictures on this blog?
Usually I upload all my pics first
Then post
Then add in my pictures where they need to be or fit in with what I have to say
Now if I do that
After I choose one picture
The rest disappear


starnes family said...

No idea about the picture upload. Sorry!

Love the pantry mess. Love those chunker legs, too!

Coco said...

Pantry mess. Yes, we went through that with TM. Drove me bonkers.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Cute pics of my littlest cousin!! I am with Coco I am too OCD for that!

The Soladay Family said...

My boys all had a cabinet of their own in the kitchen too. Good times. Drove me crazy too.

The whole pic thing is all jacked up.