Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Love is the Air

Not my Love
Not my Air
But my friend Thomas
He got married on Sunday
In Tulsa
It was small and sweet

We made the 2+hour drive out there to
Skelley Lodge
And found these gorgeous views
It was truly a peaceful place
Thomas told me it used to be a hunting lodge
But now it is rented out for weddings and such
of course
had to sneak in a few pictures
Even though it irritated the crapola 
out of the hubs

See they don't always cooperate

Back to Thomas
and HIS wedding
It's not always about me
All though I think it should be

The ceremony was outside
with nature as the decor
and the breath taking views
I had to stand back by the lodge 
with my little chatter box boy

The above 2 photos were the only ones I got
My hands were busy
What can I say

After the ceremony
We ate and played around

The big boys played football with the other kids there
Including Thomas' new step sons
And that was a moment for me
As I stood over on the side dancing with Christian
Watching my other babies play
It hit me....
This is what life is about
running errands
watching a football game alone
tag teaming with your spouse so you can go to Target kid free
wondering what you are missing

watching your kids play with new friends
spending an evening outside knowing that everything is right
in your world

OK geez....
where did all that sappy crap come from??

Back to my normal bitter self
Debbie Downer

Love these brothers

Wore these little shoes
Didn't even hurt my feet
But my heels slipped in them non stop
Which makes it very difficult to walk
Not as difficult as heels at an OUTSIDE wedding though
Suckers kept sinking into the ground

And wanted to share the groom's cake
well nevermind
The freaking pictures aren't working now
Stupid Computers!!!

I will try and show it later
Headed to Dallas tomorrow after school
We have 2 birthday parties to attend this weekend
And I am hoping for a birthday dinner with some friends



Dee Stephens said...

Debbie Downer? For reals? Come to the CLT and I'll show you some loves ;)

starnes family said...

You're a total badass, Jann.

Showing you in the pictures directing. Awesome.

I love your truthfulness.

Love you!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUS!! Hope you have a great day!! I too love the picture of you directing the kids to look at Mark - so reminds me of our family! Miss you!!

Carrie Darney said...

What a great post! Don't you love those "aha" moments of "this is what life is about!".

Your boys are adorable...