Saturday, October 17, 2009

Boomer Sooner

It's a Boomer Sooner kind of weekend!!!

This weekend is the Red River Rivalry in Dallas between UT Longhorns and the OU Sooners. Marky-Mark is, of course, a die-hard Sooner fan. I, of course, could really care less, but am a fan by law (especially this weekend). This is like the Super Bowl for Mark. This weekend will bring in millions of dollars for the city as fans drive up from Austin and down from Norman, OK. And in the past we have given our fair share of money to Big D!

This year is a little more low key. We are staying home and watching the game as a family. Mark's biggest co-fan, Amy, just had her open heart surgery so she is not able to watch with us. But Colton's godmother, Linda, will be over...even though she is a Longhorn we still let her in. The flags are flying, the snacks are ready, the clothes are all crimson and cream, and football is on the TV, every TV (yes at 8am)!!!

Yesterday the boys wore their Sooner shirts and all over town you see the seas of burnt orange or crimson. We went to the mall for dinner and you could here the "Boomer Sooners" or the "Hook 'Em Horns" being said from fan to stranger fan. That's just how it is.

The sad part.....

Not that I am not supportive, but I am realistic-given the season thus far and the injuries OU has sustained, it is probably UT's year. The worse part is the game is at 11AM. That makes for a VERY LONG, BAD day in the Lenzer household!
But we are still going to cheer and I am going to try to not get mad when Mark gets upset. I will enjoy the company and the snacks and most importanly the family time!

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