Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To purse or not to purse?

As my diaper bag carrying days quickly approach again, I am torn about what to do. I have just started carrying a purse again within the last 6 months or so. Colton has reached that age where he doesn't need too much and Connor needs nothing. I try to keep spares of everything in the car for emergencies. Colton has a small back pack, which he usually carries himself, with a spare diaper, some wipes, a fruit cup, and a stick of cheese. I have yet to find a purse I am happy with though. If I go big, it tends to get piled with crap, my own and the boys. Then before you know it, the bag weighs 20 pounds and your shoulder and back hurt. If you go to small, you have to pull out everything to get to the keys that slid their way to the bottom.

I was (still am) in love with this Michael Kors bag from 2 years ago. I just could not justify spending several hundred on a purse. Though, it is a beauty. Last year for Christmas I told Mark that's what I wanted. He got me a MK bag, but it wasn't the one. While it was a nice one, purses are very personal. So I took it back and at the time they did not have the one I wanted. So I never got my purse. Probably for the best since it is a hobo style and probably would have been ruined by milk spillage or something worse. I am still watching it at Nordstroms though. When it goes on sale it is MINE!

When you have your first child, you carry everything but the kitchen sink in your diaper bag. All though the saying is true, the one thing you don't have with you, you need that day. I have several bags that are just OK. Nothing I have just loved or spent too much on. Hopefully by the third go round, I can stream line what I carry. I never carried a purse and a diaper bag. I just through my wallet in the bag and had a little zipper pouch with my stuff in there. Then when I went somewhere alone, I would just grab those things out and toss in a purse. Seems easy right? Beside strollers really aren't made with enough room for you purse and a diaper bag.

I have been eyeing this little Coach crossbody for a while (not this exact one, but same concept). I thought it would be great to sling it across my chest and I could have my wallet, phone, and camera always at my side, AND best of hands! Since I am not so into spending much money, I have looked for other ones, but the Coach one always seems to be the perfect size. So the other day I ran out to the outlet mall and made an impulse buy at the Coach Store. It was about $40 less than at the regular store (probably last seasons colors, but who cares). Well it layed around for a week screaming "greedy" at me. But before I packed it up for it's return, I tried it on. Loved the concept, but it did not fit my wallet like I wanted. I have a long, check book size wallet. So today I took it back.
Then at Target, don't ya know, I see a wallet (long, but still smaller than what I have that would probably work for only $10). I am so torn.
Now I am torn, but don't know if I can stand the guilt! How weird is that? I could spend the money on a nice diaper bag. I have found one of those too! So should I carry a purse or just dump my stuff in the diaper bag like I used to do?

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Coco said...

Target has the CUTEST bags right now in great prints. Not really a diaper bag but you can totally use it as one.

If you get a Target one, then you can buy several!!

I love the Dante Beatrix. I have the heart one for Tess. Check those out. Great size and lots of room.