Thursday, October 8, 2009

AAWWWW....Isn't That Sweet?

Mark wanted Connor to sleep with us last night. I don't mind, but I am not sure why because I am the one who gets the snuggle bunny (and obviously Precious). And trust me, I don't mind. I LOVE it. But lately I am not sleeping that well to begin with and I am up and down so much I don't want to disturb him. I got up to tinkle at 3am (SHOCKER) and came back into the room and saw this. So I had to snap a photo. I have been up ever since! My blogger friend, Dee, recently posted how she has trained her beloved dog to no longer sleep on the bed....see what you're missing!
At least I have had a chance to catch up on my blog reading and some emails. We have had a bit of a week around here. Connor had a stuffy nose Sunday and Monday and goopy eyes. Luckily I still his $60 eye drops from last time. They cleared right up. (Guess it's worth the money). Then Colton and I started getting stuffy on Tuesday. We all took some medicine. Colton was wired, I was not. I fell asleep on the couch twice. HELLO-2 kids. I should not be sleeping on the job. Everyone seemed better yesterday so I took both boys to school. I had an early doctors appointment and then my Christmas list to work on. After 2 hours at the doc's office, I left with out seeing her. She was doing a delivery that turned into surgery. (So no Baby C update this week). I got quite a bit of shopping done and even squeezed in a lunch with my better-half. Oh, that's Mark by-the-way!! HA.
When I picked the boys up at 2, Colton was nasty again. I called the pediatrician just to get some medicine really. The nurse tells me he will be seen for this, but I can't go until the morning since they are over booked. But if he develops a fever take him immediately to the after hours care. So then I start freaking out. This whole time, I have been thinking everyone else is over reacting to this whole flu thing, but now I am thinking I have been under reacting. And truth be told, if his ear wasn't oozing goo, there is no way on earth I would take him to the Dr right now. At least we are going first thing this morning. But the thought of sitting in a germ infested waiting room is making me a little ill. I wish they would just call in some medicine.


Deelsu said...

What a CUTE, CUTE picture! I miss snuggling with little Buddy but I don't miss him right on top of me at night!

As for the sickness!..yikes! Several people I work with have come down with the H1N1..and one even came to work! WTF! I was going to write about it on my blog.. but she's on the people who reads my blog!
take care of yourself! esp. being preggers!

starnes family said...

Agreed.....take good care of yourself. Goopy eyes are the worst!