Monday, October 26, 2009

My Birthday Bash

I celebrated my "25th" (and holding) birthday last week. Our day started out as usual, with the gym and a couple of errands. Then I took the boys to play at the houses in Allen.

That's Colton peaking through the window in the door

We grabbed lunch at Which-wich, one of my favorite sandwich places. The boys were on their absolute best table manners. I could not believe it. I actually got to eat.
Then we went home for naps. I told Connor that all I wanted for my birthday was for him to sleep.

And he did (all though he is waking up in this photo). He slept in my bed in a tent of pillows.

Colton slept too, as always.

Then we planted a flower out back. Connor is too busy talking on the phone to cousin Thomas to smile for the picture. The plant was great until Colton sat on it...smack dab right in the middle of the pot, just sat-and stayed there. It sort-of fluffed back up, not quite the same, but I usually kill flowers pretty quickly so no biggie.

Then Mark came and met us for an early dinner at the pizza place before Connor's "tiny tigers" class. This was chosen by Connor of course, strictly based on the games in back. The pizza is good too ( and it's better than McDonalds which is always his first choice).

When we got home from class, I had cupcakes and cards waiting. Sometime after the boys and I left the house, Mark snuck in and put it out. Sometimes he can be pretty good! HA!! He gave me a camera, which I have taken back. It was not the one I wanted, but he tried. I will get one soon to replace it, hopefully before Baby C makes his entrance.

Everyone enjoyed the cupcakes!

Thank you to my boys for a great birthday!!
And thank you to everyone who sent cards and messages.
I really enjoyed my day!!

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Deelsu said...

ahh! what a great bday! sleeping, cupcakes and smiles!