Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our First Full Week of Fall

We have spent our first full week of fall dealing with Texas weather! We had a couple of nice days in the low 80's with cool mornings, a couple of rainy days (it's suppose to rain all weekend too), and a couple of hot sticky non-fall like days. We were able to get in a couple of good walks, an afternoon at the park with friends, and a front yard play date with the neighbors. I did not take many pictures though. I always had it with me, just never got it out. But I did manage a few....

We also got some painting in. This is one of Connor's favorite activities, oh lucky me. I find green hand prints and blue spatters everywhere! Even when I think I have been very careful, I will find a smudge of paint behind the pantry door. It cleans easily though!!

We even got out to the zoo Tuesday morning. It was a beautiful, cool morning and I had not 1 but 2 uncharged camera batteries so these 2 shots are all I got in. But it's the zoo....the same animals are still there. We certainly enjoyed our visit, as it had been a while. I would like to say that is where we will spend lots of mornings over the next couple of months as the temps begin to fall, but quite frankly I am not so sure. It was VERY tiring for me....pushing a 40 pound stroller and 60 pounds of kiddos.

Connor started martial arts. I will post more about this next week when he is in uniform. He seems to be "very excited" about his class though. Let's hope since we just signed up for 6 months!

And nothing like an early morning ride around the kitchen to get you going!

And an early morning wreck, all staged of course!

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starnes family said...

We haven't been to the zoo in weeks! Need to get out there. I know the leaves are so pretty right now in that area.

Love the pics, as always!