Monday, May 11, 2009

The Aquarium Visit

OK so here are the pictures of the Dallas World Aquarium visit...and fair warning there are a lot!!! They may bore you some, but I am absolutely mesmerized by this place. It is mind boggling to me that you can be in the middle of the city and walk into a rain forest and be surrounded by these amazing animals. If I worked down town I think I would have to go here for my lunch daily.I found it to be so refreshing. There is another aquarium in Dallas that is included with our zoo membership. But wouldn't you know it, it is closed for the entire year for renovations. I have never been to that one so I don't know how it compares, but I will find out next year! This one, however, is pretty special-well worth the money if you have never been.

Alot of the pictures are blurry because of the glass (for the fish ones) and the mist falling.

This shark was swimming right on top of us in the tunnel. He actually just seemed to sit there for several minutes. He seemed to be checking us out as much as we were him.

Connor loves the "amigos"

Baby alligator

Not so baby alligator

This bird just sat on the post and even flew onto a patron's shoulder

views of the waterfall and rain forest from the top


starnes family said...

We love aquariums, too. Look for the sloth next time. He hangs from tree upstairs and is pretty friendly. Tried to jump into Carter's arms a couple of years ago!

Jake & Delila said...

The Dallas World Aquarium is the best! Last time I was there, Lila was in the Bjorn & Jake took the whole tour riding on my shoulders. Guess I should plan a trip soon -- I'm sure my back will enjoy it more this time;)

Deelsu said...

I LOVE zoos but I'm not much for aquariums most of the time. I have to say though -- this place looks cool though because you're sooo close to the animals!
Can't believe that bird!
You'll have to take the family to Disney's Animal Kingdom when they get a bit older!

Deelsu said...

BTW - left you a message about the teeth cleaning on my blog.
And.. as for the parents weekend. No pressure from them about wedding bells..They know it's around the corner.
B and I talk about it all the time..down to attendants! LOL!
Can't wait! ;)