Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Golden Arches

Dear Mrs. Lenzer-
We are revoking your mother of the year nomination due to too much processed food. Perhaps if you worked on your cooking skills and actually played more with your children outside, you may be able to be considered for next year's award.

MOTY committee

OK, so I am not making MOTY, but look at their faces in these pictures. They are having a great time!! I suppose I could order a yogurt or apple slices when we do go to McDonald's to play, but we don't. We get happy meals complete with fries (well one with fries, one with apples) and the dinky toy. Sometimes we even chose juice over the milk.OMG! When it is hot, or rainy (like it has been quite often lately), or I just need a few minutes to think-Mickey D's works for us! I tried to give up fast food for recession, but now I allow it once a week.

If I hadn't screwed up the mother of the year thing with this, trust me it would have been in some other department!! But the boys still love me, especially when we go to the golden arches.


starnes family said...

They love it!

I think you're OK. My title was revoked due to letting my son in the elephant cage at a zoo.

You win over me any day!

Deelsu said...

Cute pictures! I used to love going to Mickey D's when I was a kid.
Did you see the GMA story this morning about kids and food that is wrapped in Mickey D wrappers? no surprising..

Donatelli98 said...

Too funny - maybe we can all tie for WorstMOTY award ... althougth I think those mom's that don't do stuff like take their kids to McDonald's, let them go in the elephant cage or tell them a hurricane took away their build a bear house (because I couldn't stand to look at the cardboard box one more second)will require a lot more therapy than our kids!