Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finally a fan with light!

So a few months ago Mark and I had the kitchen and living room painted and changed out the light fixtures, including the fan. It was a beauty but literally gave off the light of a night light. It had 6 12 watt bulbs inside of a dark globe. You could not even tell the light was on, so every night as I sat in the family room, I had to have all the lights on in the kitchen to see. I hate to be in the dark. After several trips to Home Depot and trying several different types of light bulbs, none of which fit (which was a big battle to determine-get out the ladder, climb up, unscrew the cover , remove old light bulb, put new light in, scream profanity because it won't go-you get the idea), I told Mark we were taking in down before the 90 day return policy came up. He was not pleased but at least now I am not bitching! And the new fan, while not near as pretty, was 1/4 of the price!!!
Just what I like to see.....men working for me!
That is Mark and good ol' Uncle Lou to the rescue- changing the fan out for me
Nothing fancy but it lights the room


Jessica said...

I am very much impressed by your blog, you can find more Home Lighting Fixtures that suites your budget.

starnes family said...

Looks good! Love making home improvements.....can't wait to do more!