Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby C update

I am in my 12th week (and 9th pound), so I suppose next week I can start counting by months (which will make me feel alot better about how I look). I could certainly bitch from here to Tuesday about all the prego problems, but I won't bore you with bloating and tiredness. Instead I will focus on the good stuff. For starters, the nausea is almost gone. I just feel icky on the occasion now instead of all day. I haven't had a nap in a week so maybe the 2nd trimester will be one of energy for me-let's hope anyway. I officially cannot button my pants anymore so I got my maternity clothes washed up the other day. I had to sort through and see what has survived numerous pregnancies (most of my clothes have been shared or are handy-me downs from my mommy friends). I have thought before each pregnancy that I will be the cutesy prego and love all 40 weeks of the miracle happening in my body-blah!blah!blah! Let's face it, I blow up like a whale, cry like a baby, waddle like a duck. But I am trying my hardest to enjoy it.

I will post growth pictures after my monthly doctor's appointment. I was going to take one now, but it is hard to take a self stomach picture. Connor tried, but that was just silly! So pictures to follow-watch me grow! But when I start getting too fat, I'll get embarrassed and stop. Then the boys and I will go into hiding.

My neighbor across the street called me this morning to tell me she was pregnant. But she is a size zero and won't show until the month before birth, but she's nice so I forgive her. She has 2 little girls almost the same age as Connor and Colton (I have posted on them before) and we have just recently gotten to know each other and have play dates. So I am excited that we can welcome new additions to our families around the same time.

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starnes family said...

How fun to have a neighbor on the same time frame!

Lord, weren't we miserable together at Michaels? I was over 200 pounds with every one of my pregnancies. For real. I shouldn't have been let out of the house.

Oh, and I'm one of 6 C's!!!! Christopher, Casey, Cody, Caroline, Ceason and Colt.