Friday, May 15, 2009

Last Week's Zoo Trip

We went to the zoo last week since the weather was nice and there were a few new animals we wanted to see. They finally got a new friend for Jenny the elephant to replace her mate who died last year. She (or he) was not out. Also, there was suppose to be a new baby gorilla. We actually went to the south side of the zoo, which usually we don't go on that side just because of time. We did see a gorilla, but not the baby. And the one I wanted to see the most was the albino alligator. They actually had 3, 2 baby's and an adult.

Look what I hatched!

The fish tank is always a hit!

Colton is checking out the ducks below.

The albino alligator, raised on a farm before coming to live at the Dallas Zoo. They had the whole room set up like a swamp. I felt like I was back in Louisiana.

Future Dentist or Crocodile Dundee?

All Smiles


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Deelsu said...

those boys looked pooped! are you originally from Louisiana?