Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baby C update

Well the bump is on in full force. I look like I am much further along than my mere 5 months. But they say with each baby you look pregnant much faster since everything is stretched out. I don't know if that is true or not, but I am choosing to believe it right makes me feel better.

So I know I missed my update post last month, but not much has changed. I went to the doctor last week-still pregnant. The heartbeat was good and strong, although this month and last, it took the nurse several minutes to find it. That can be a little nerve racking, but once you hear it your own heart skips a beat. So I have gained about 11 pounds total, which is a lot considering I have the biggest months left to go, but good based on my last 2 pregnancies. I gained 72 pounds with Connor-can you say beached whale?! I gained 50-something with Colton. I never lost it all. I am continuing with my exercise classes Monday-Friday, which is getting to be a sight, especially my turbo kick class. That is the only thing saving me because I am surely eating for 2!

I have a sonogram the week after this one to check things out, and surely this baby will have a gender by then. I did a sonogram a few weeks ago (for down syndrome testing-which came back fine) and I still had a sexless baby. Most likely I will find out the sex. I love the thought of a surprise, but when I know I have one coming, I can't stand the suspense. I was definitely the kid who snooped around the house looking for the Christmas presents. Mark always wants to know too. Even if we do find out, we might keep it a secret, at least for a while. (I will keep you posted). All though my mom says she won't do any shopping if she doesn't' know what it is. I kind of have a feeling it is a girl. Not that my pregnancy is any different (actually this is the easiest one I have had). It's just a feeling. Then when it was genderless at my last sonogram, it made me really believe that it would be a girl. I, of course, just want a healthy baby. Mark really wants a boy. Truth be told, I think I kind of do as well. I know what to do with boys. Plus I have everything. I always think how cute the girls clothes (well everything) are, but lately as I have been eyeing girl clothes, bedding, etc, none of looks all so cute to me! We shall see!!!

Well, I will let you know in a couple of weeks what it is going to be (maybe)!


azdonatelli said...

I can't wait to find out - girls are so fun!!

starnes family said...

You simply cannot either have 3 crazy boys (my origial dream) or you finally get a girl (my realized dream). Happy you're pregnancy is going well. It was always so stressful for me. Too bad we're not a short walk from each other like before so you could vent to me!

Deelsu said...

So fun! I would have to find out the sex as well!