Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby C Update

Yes I know there is no face in this picture, but it has been a very long, hard, HUMID day. My hair and face were not in picture taking form. But please notice the full on outie belly button. This usually does not happen for a couple of more months. I just told Mark the other day I was going to have to get this fixed next year. It never went back the same after Colton, and now it is already all the way out. It really disgusts me-YUCK! I sure hope this is fixable. How do you get insurance to cover fixing an outie?

Anyway, had my check up today....still pregnant! Everything is right on track, growing nicely ( in more ways than one). I am not going to share the magic weight gain number, but it ain't pretty. God help me come December.

I have to take the glucose test next visit, so I was sent home with that nasty drink. Let's all pray that it comes back normal because I am not sure I can give up my sweets. Well, that might not be so bad, could help with the weight management.

I scheduled the birth for the day before Thanksgiving. So baby C should make his arrival on November 25th around 8am (assuming there is an operating room available). I will let you know if I have to change the date.

I am still feeling great-best pregnancy yet. I am sticking to my workouts 5 days a week which I think has been the key. It is definitely keeping me from exploding in size (I am telling you I get BIG). The only flaw so far is I have officially hit the non sleeping point. I cannot get comfy. I am a side sleeper, so much so that I am practically on my stomach. Not anymore. So I toss and turn all night, which makes me have to pee more. The year of no sleep has begun!


azdonatelli said...

Weird coincidence - LAD is having surgery for that on Friday - it is called a herniated belly button - outpatient procedure. The surgeon says the recovery is really easy with kids but a little harder with adults.

Deelsu said...

When you say schedule that means you're having a section?!
Ya'll will be having one heck of a Christmas!

Amy Sumner said...

Didn't Elaine have that surgery?