Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Bummer

July 4th weekend our downstairs AC went out. (I don't recall if I posted about it or not). It was that Friday and we had been to play and came home for naps before an afternoon of errands. It was getting hotter by the minute. Finally I determined that it wasn't the outside heat getting to me, rather the lack of cooling in doors. I called the repair company to set up an appointment for Monday, not figuring they were working the holiday weekend. But they were, thank goodness, because our unit was shot. We had to replace the furnace ( and all the attic parts). Luckily Mark stayed around for the repairs, which they did that evening, while I took the boys down to my MIL's house for a swim. $5000 later we had a new furnace and a stress headache. So much for bunk bed shopping!!! I was so bummed about spending so much money ( I was thinking of all the furniture, diamonds, or shoes 5K can buy), but this is Texas and you absolutely can NOT go without an air conditioner.

So this past Sunday afternoon we are getting ready to put the boys down for naps and the heat is creeping up again. I immediately go to the thermostat to turn it down. I can hear the fan running, but still sweating like a pig. While the guys of the house sleep, I sweat and start stressing because I know it is the compressor. So I make the phone call to the AC company. I again head down to my MIL's house for a swim and leave Mark home in the sauna to wait. Sure enough, the compressor (the outside part) for the downstairs unit has bit the dust! It can't be replace until morning. I go ahead and bring the boys home at bedtime and we all sleep upstairs. Luckily we were in the middle of a cold front. It was only in the 90's instead of triple digits. So another $4000 later, I better have the coldest freakin' house in Texas.

If anyone wants to donate to the Lenzer AC Fund....we accept any form of payment in any amount!!!

God Bless Texas

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Deelsu said...

I have SOOO been there before! It happened to me in the middle of July in my old condo and because it was a reburb and it had never been right to begin with - I talked to the builder into paying for the new compressor!

So sucks about the $$$$!