Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm a MAC

I have done enough bitching in the last few months about my computer. It was definitely on the list of things to buy....after we sell the house. I have been doing lots of research on what and where to buy one so that I can get the best deal. Tuesday night I turned on the TV to QVC (it's that or Disney and I often choose QVC) and they had a Dell on special for that hour only. So I texted Mark to see if I could go ahead and buy one. I was not expecting an answer, since he was hard at work, and certainly not a yes. But I got it! It helped that I had sent him a picture earlier of Connor breast feeding his teddy! He said I could buy one  as long as I never posted such a photo.

So I ordered it with seconds to spare on the special price. I immediately had buyers remorse. Well, more guilt than remorse. I mean there is so much more I could do with the buy diapers! So I went to Best Buy yesterday to look at cheaper ones. The 19 year old tech-y computer geek sales guy totally sold me on a MAC! They have a 14 day return policy so I decided to give it a whirl.

So far, so good. Actually I LOVE it!!!!  Coco you should retire your computer that is in for repairs more than Heidi Montag!!

I haven't moved all my photos over.....but I'm working on it. OK so I plan to work on it.

Today I am going to eat lunch with the boys at school and then help with the all the kids in the lunchroom. It is teacher appreciation week and the teachers are having a nice lunch AND get to eat it sitting down at a table all by themselves. Must be nice!!

**On a side note....this crap flying around the air is driving me nuts! I could scratch my eyes out and if I even open the door I am sneezing like a maniac!***

Enjoy your day


Dee Stephens said...

breast feeding the teddy?? STOP IT!! haha! I bet that was one funny picture! what did you tell him?

Brandi said...

Didn't get a MAC, but I am loving my new computer! In this day and age it just isn't a luxury--it's a necessity!!!! Especially for home schooling and my very part time job. :)

Jake & Delila said...

Hahahahaha...ok, so I guess you'll be posting all kinds of pictures of your kids breastfeeding all kinds of things. Seems like a pretty effective way of getting your heart's desire;D

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

glad you finally got a new computer! I need to send you my last order froom PB! I am not sure what I should buy! I was thinking a new Backpack for Chatty for next year.