Monday, May 31, 2010

White Trash Memorial

Yes, we celebrated Memorial Day "White Trash" style!!!
I'm from Tennessee, I can't help it.

That is us, and our fab neighbors in the FRONT yard!

We did have a great afternoon, trying to keep the little ones in the shade. 
The big kiddos splashed around and peed in the yard.
Good Times, Folks, Good Times
My neighbor, Johnette and her baby boy Trace, just 6 weeks younger than Christian

Then we grilled some burgers and dogs!
Nothing better than good friends, a cold beer, and a cheese burger

On Saturday, I took the boys down to my MIL's house for some swimming and grilling.

Connor had a blast in the pool. What a difference a year can make. He was fearless, all over the pool.
The above pic was Connor jumping into the pool and under the water with my MIL

Colton was a bit weary at first, didn't want to leave my side. Then he got attached to good ol' Uncle Lou.

Told my son to hold his noodle
Never thought I would say that...HA

Christian had his first swim and loved it. He went skinny dipping and only peed once! The MIL will have to put some extra chlorine in it tomorrow! 
With Aunt Joan
With MIL (Nannie)
My SIL and her son Carson

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Dee Stephens said...

we're all about the noodles too! love that white trash day. I so remember those pools!