Monday, May 31, 2010

OK Update

Hey Blogging Peeps....get your prayer on (please)
Our house is still for sale. 
We need it sold, like yesterday!
However, I went up to OKC on Thursday so we could house hunt on Friday and Saturday. We have to find a place, now, so we can get the family back together. Plus Mark looses his housing at the end of June. 

And house hunt we did
17 houses in 3 hours on Friday
Can you say ti-red?
Then Saturday we went back to see 3 again, plus 2 new ones.
We have it down to 2
 my fave
(my choice, a traditional house with everything we need and a great kitchen)

 and Mark's fave
(a 1980 house that is updated but not an open floor plan but big beautiful trees)

 I hate his and he hates mine!
What's a couple to do? Someone is gonna be pissed. 

Saturday afternoon we took in the Big 12 Baseball game since OU was playing.
(the down town area is pretty cool and I can't wait to explore it more)

 Ya'll know Mark is an OU freak!! He would watch women's bowling if they were from OU. It was hot, and it was baseball (so you do the math)

Luckily there was a playground there

So basically we payed a s**t ton of money to slide for an hour and half
But it was fun and the family time was worth it

In more important news...
Colton pulled his pants up all by himself

What a big boy
and cheek-y


starnes family said...


Colton = LOVE.

Mark, your taste in colleges sucks, but I do prefer your house. Sorry, Jann.

But, I'll be happy if you get what you want, Jann!!!!! I just have grown to love older homes with trees. We're in a 30 year old one now and ADORE it.

Love Brick Town! Love OKC! Yall enjoy.

FROGGITY! said...

hahaha, he pulled them up alright!

oh house stuff. sigh. it is so difficult these days! i remember when it took like a week to sell a house... so miss those days. we're in the same boat.

good luck finding a compromise! they both seem like good choices!

The Soladay Family said...

The pics of Colton pulling up his pants...please save those for blackmail. LOVE them.

House hunting is really stressful especially when you don't agree on the house. Good luck with your decision!

How much fun will it be discovering a new city!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Cous - I kind of like his house too on the outside - need to see pics of the inside. Looks like you all have had fun! Bricktown in OKC is fun!

Carrie Darney said...

Love the pants picture! Hagen is into dressing himself lately and his "do-dad" is always hanging out...poor baby...a boy front wedgie.

I'm with you...I like your house...I too prefer open floor plans because of the little one

Dee Stephens said...

Prayers for the house! I like yours too!(of course)..
As for OU - so glad likes Va Tech but he's not that die hard. A lot of his friends are..dominates their lives.