Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My sick boy

The last week has been a sick one around here. Colton has had the nasty snots that I had Connor at the doctor for last week. The only difference is Colton's was accompanied by a lovely fever. He is like me...a fever (even a small one )can really knock us down and out. At least I had medicine already. I know that is probably breaking every rule sharing medicine and all but I did it anyway. The fever lasted from Thursday to Sunday. Monday I thought we were on the road to recovery so I even took him to school. I felt guilty about dropping him off as I hate it when parents take snotty kids out to infect all the others, but I really needed a break. When I picked him up they told me he woke up from his nap his eyes were all crusty. I acted surprised but of course I wasn't since I had been seeing that for days already. At that point I did call the doctor's office for the second time. The nurse told me to watch him for another day. Of course that night he was up all night screaming and crying. He seemed OK for a few hours Tuesday morning but then after nap the screaming started again. So I loaded the car and took the clan to the doctor's office. He has a double ear infection. He got 2 shots and $60 worth of medicine. So far so good so it was defiantly worth it. Of course now I feel guilty because I should have taken him sooner and maybe it would not have gotten so bad. Lesson learned....always listen to your gut. And even though the all nighter was hard, I did enjoy snuggling with my baby boy and watching his face when he did sleep, a few peaceful minutes at a time. It's been a while since I have gotten to do that. Almost makes me want another one!!!

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