Sunday, February 22, 2009

the kitchen

So it occurred to me that I did not post pictures of the final kitchen paint job. Well actually Amy reminded me...thanks Amy (what would I do without her?). The painters came back last Saturday to fix the "leopard" walls. They had to repaint the base and this time they wiped the glaze off instead of using a rag to blot it off. It looks so much better!!! It is still not the picture but it is good. Next step will be to paint the cabinets. I have been wanting to do that anyway because they are a honey color which I don't care for, but now that the walls have so much yellow...they REALLY look honey. So that project has officially moved up on the list. It's too bad my dad lives so far away. I could keep his weekends full for the next year.

The only issue I am having is with the stupid fan in the family room. Its is beautiful, but after we finally got it working right (which has to be by remote control NOT the light switches) it barely gives off light. Obviously a man designed this because there is no way a woman would put 6-15watt light bulbs to light up a large room!!! I am going to go back to Home Depot this afternoon and see what options they have for me because I cannot see. We actually needed a replacement bulb already (one went MIA during the kitchen project) and the only bulbs that size are 4 watts....that is for a nightlight. Again this is a large room. Luckily I very recently purchased a table lamp for the room or we would be sitting completely in the dark. Mark did pick up a slightly larger bulb today to see if it would fit that was 40 watts but the sticker inside the fan says do not use over 20watts (some fire risk BS). I wonder how accurate that really is? Too bad I don't know someone at HD who would let me exchange it....anyone? I still have the box, but I don't know if they will take it back or not without all the packaging. Well Imelda does work for the company now, but in HR, and I don't think she reads my blog. Darn the luck. I am seriously mad about this....90 watts to light a room, that's 1 normal light bulb!! I don't get it, who does that? I will let you know how it goes at Home Depot.

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starnes family said...

The walls look great! I don't even use overhead lighting. Almost never. I live by lamps b/c I think the overhead lighting we always end up with is blinding and lamps create more of a calming atmosphere. And, you must know how important that is. :)

Keep up the good work!