Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ice cream can fix anything

My dad was right all those years. Ice cream can fix just about anything. The first 2 days of Colton's fever he really didn't eat. Usually when I pick Connor up from school we do "something special", but I knew we couldn't go out to do anything fun with a sick little one. So, instead, I got him an ice cream cone from McDonald's. I also got a cup of ice cream for Colton. After I went through the drive thru, I pulled over to hand back the cone to Connor, the whole time thinking I must be nuts for giving a 2 year old ice cream in my freshly washed car (Mark would have shot me). Then I gave a spoon fed bit to Colton before I headed home. He licked the spoon and then the moaning and "mo, mo" (translation:more, more) started. I had to pass him back bites the entire way home, luckily it was just a few miles. He ate the entire cup!! OK, I had a bite or 2 but that's it.

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starnes family said...

You're such a fun mom! I gave up on my car after having Jack and Lainey. With Carter, I was pretty nutty. But, with 3....over it! I even bought those Weather Tech plastic shell pieces for the entire floor to prevent stains. They're expensive, but they work!