Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

I love V-day!! I don't care who thinks it is a Hallmark made up holiday, I think it is a great day. Connor and Colton had little favors for them when they got up in the morning including a card, candy, and a new movie (Madagascar 2 for Connor and the Penguins for Colton). Then we were off to the zoo for my v-day gift (a family day and a membership). It was COLD!! After a week of beautiful days, Saturday was freaking freezing. We through on the coats and hats and had a great time anyway. We did a good walk through of half of the zoo and for the other half we rode the train through. By then Colton was maxed out and exhausted and since I had Mark with me I wanted to do the train. That one is kind of hard to do alone. I am so excited about our membership. I think we should go every week (but not in July and August) or travel the country touring zoos (since we get to use our pass at over 100 zoos). The membership nearly sells itself!! We should keep a tally of how many times I actually use it and see if we get our money's worth.

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